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Curitiba, 22 de Julho de 2018
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ícone When we get married

When we get married we start to build a holy temple in the world.

This temple has to be built atop of two columns keeping a safe distance between them, the distance of the love that hosts and the distance of the love that redeems.

We know very well that if the pillars are too close, almost using the same space, the temple will unbalance on them. And if the pillars are too far from each other, the temple will break in the middle.

When we get married we call this temple family. The columns are the companions of the journey that support this monumental edification.

We know that if one of the companions of the journey gets too relaxed, he or she will abandon all the sustaining weight on the other. We put in risk the pillars, that get weakened when they don’t feel properly supported hold.

The kids come to live in the temple. How many responsibilities… But how much happiness too! And our temple gets more beautiful! Gets so many colors that it didn’t have before!

The love is divided and then becomes bigger. We don´t have less love in our stock, because we have to divide it between partner, daughter and son. Our love grows, gets mature and changes.

When we get married we are invited to be less selfish, and maybe this is the biggest task of the wedding: to fight the overpowering selfishness, that still brings us a lot of problems.

Before the wedding it was me, my things; my money; my wishes. Now, in a wedding, we gets stronger: our things, our money, yours and mine wishes, and we learn to give way, to share, in behalf of living in harmony.

It is an intense, daily and challenging lab. A lot of people don’t bear and give up before the right time, before trying a little bit harder. Some people think that they can keep the same life style they had when they were singles – they don’t want to grow up.

However, we can only win. The company of a loved one that is there, beside us, every day and after, of those we call our children, it is one of the most beautiful things that one can imagine and live for.

It is not in vain that marriage, the permanent union of two people, means an improvement in the development of the Humanity, because it represents the Spirit approaching of the Law of Love, a Divine Law.

In the same way that the monogamy is a precious achievement of the Humanity, fidelity, respect and fellowship will be achievements when all the couples start to live in this same way.

When we truly get married, in the intimacy of the heart, and not just on the surface of the human conventions, we get closer to the love one another that the Master proposed to us.

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The moment of saying  I do is unforgettable. However, it has to be told and lived a lot of times, for many years, and not only on the wedding anniversary, the commemoration of the happy past of the couple.

To say I do every day, is to accept the other with all difficulties, with all challenges, trying to build there the most beautiful temple that is possible.

In a mature couple each one tries to be the best partner that is possible for the other. They reduce expectations and increase the donation. Reduce the charge and increase the comprehension.

I do, I accept you, my partner, in the way you are, and together we will grow and will find the perfection.

Spiritist Moment Team.
April 13.2016.

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