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ícone The yellow umbrella

Amélie is in a bad mood. This is rare. Just as rare as four sunny days in a row in my city.

Amélie is always sunny, but today I see a little cloud, just like those from the cartoons, over her head.

Amélie is going to school. It’s raining. A light icy rain.

I stop the car. Now it’s the hardest moment. I think the farewell won’t be easy this time – most of the time it is. I keep hoping that someone with a big smile comes to pick her up.

The teachers and assistants that come to pick her up are always very nice. Here comes one of them. And, aside from the smile, she is carrying in her right hand something that will change our lives, mine and Amélie’s, forever: a yellow umbrella.

Yes, that is right, a simple yellow umbrella.

It is not any yellow, a wiped out one. It is not golden yellow. It is not canary yellow. It is not lemon-yellow. I don’t know how to describe. I search for words, adjectives, and the dictionary. Who knows: sunny yellow. I invented it.

I look at Amélie through the mirror and the change on her face is alarming. It touched me in my soul. She fell in love with it. Everything else seemed to have lost the meaning. The center of attention now is the yellow umbrella.

While the lady was getting closer with that shinny amazing yellow object, Amélie opens a beautiful smile, a smile of someone who is about to get something you always wanted but never knew you wanted it. A fulfillment smile!

The lady is offering me this beautiful yellow thing! – She must have thought.

Do I need to say that Amélie forgot she had a dad in that moment?

I know... There she goes with the teacher, glowing, with an open smile, holding tightly the grey stem, parading, delighted, among all the people and kids with her sunny yellow umbrella.

Her day was not the same since that encounter. She knew how to enjoy the moment in an intense way, leaving aside all the bad mood, the sleepy mood and whatever else was upsetting her. It was like the gift had reminded her of something good, something that she could have temporarily forgotten.

However, there was still something more, that made me think that it wasn’t just a regular umbrella, it was, who knows, an umbrella with superpowers.

The clarity of the day – which was little, but it was still there – went through the transparence of the umbrella and illuminated my daughter with a golden light so intense that I couldn’t help but notice it.

I confess that I don’t really know if it was Amélie who made the sun underneath the umbrella, or if it was the light that turned yellow by the fabric. The truth is that right there, the sun was shining.

And there she went making the sun shine underneath the umbrella in an ugly winter day...

*   *   *

Our life is not just filled with afflictions, but it is also filled with yellow umbrellas. There is always an arm handing us one… Saving our day almost by accident.

Maybe it lacks us the sensibility to see them. To us, an umbrella is just an umbrella.

Life is so full of imagination! It’s so full of options, possibilities… Full of little pieces of happiness!

Being able to see beauty in little things is an art... The art of being happy.

I know that one day we will stop saying that these are small things …

Amélie is young. She’s only two.

Amélie is one of my yellow umbrellas?.

It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or raining, I don’t leave the house without it anymore.

Spiritist Moment Team.
August 16.2017.

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