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Curitiba, 20 de Março de 2019
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ícone Singing nostalgia

It is common for us to realize the value of those who lived close to us, when that person makes his journey to the Great Beyond.

It is as if suddenly everything that they represented came to our memory, in a succession of scenes.

It is the moment when we have, along with the feeling of physical loss, a mixture of regret for not having enjoyed that presence any more.

And, as we hear comments from others about the benefits done by the one who is gone, from the salutary influence of their life on other lives, this feeling of who has lost someone very precious increases.

Someone we did not even know we would miss so much.

Possibly, we will remember and rethink once more, and again, the moments shared by their side, the advices received, the stories heard.

And, besides the regret for having let so many opportunities pass, a light sadness takes our soul.

A sore longing settles.

Perhaps feeling exactly this, it is that composer wrote: At that table he would always sit and tell me what it is to live better.

At that table he told stories that I keep in my memory today and I know by heart.

At that table he would gather people together and happily tell them what he had done in the morning.

And in his eyes there was so much brightness that more than his son I became his fan.

And describing the pain of absence, he continues in the following verses:

I did not know it hurt so much, a table in a corner, a house and a garden.

Yes, everywhere we look at screams the absence of that presence that gives us a special touch to each nook.

The table, materially speaking, is the same. However, it lacks brilliance, because the friend, the relative, the beloved is not there.

The house, the garden, everything can continue to be kept, careful. But they have diminished their values because those who encouraged them, no longer makes themselves present.

It is the absence of laughter, speech, joy, voice.

As the inspired composer: No one else speaks of his mandolin today…

At that table he is missing and the longing is aching in me.

*   *   *

Longing is reciprocal. Anyone who feels it intensifies every day. And when you think that it cannot hurt anymore, you find out that the weight of that absence is much bigger.

On the other hand, those who leave also feel the longing. They miss the nest where they were happy, the games with the children, the thousands of nothings in the marriage that make the great difference.

They, in a certain way, resent themselves when they visit us, hug us, send us all their love in vibrations and we do not perceive them.

It will never be too much to insist on how important it is, in this world of transitories, to enjoy the company of the loved ones, while we are on the road with them.

Record in the retina of the soul the moments of happiness. The first steps of your son, the joys of family celebrations, the warmth of home.

Let us think about it and let us not lose these opportunities that fill the soul, today. And, tomorrow, they will serve to slow down the immense longingof  absences…

Spiritist Moment Team, with quotation from verses
of the song
Naquela mesa, by Sergio Bittencourt.
May 9.2018.

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