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Curitiba, 20 de Março de 2019
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ícone Like a boomerang

You may have already heard, for sure, about the boomerang, this throwing object, whose origin is not certain, considering that several types have been found, in various parts of the planet, on different continents.

Some notes point out that the earliest known boomerang was found in Poland, in 1987. It would have been built from a mammoth tusk, more than twenty thousand years ago.

In general, we associate the boomerang with Australia, a country that became famous in the world as the boomerang country.

Australian Aborigines used it, for recreational activities as well as for daily activities.

With it they cut meat and vegetables, dug the land for edible roots or struck the surface of the water during fishing.

They also used it on bird hunting, taking advantage of the flock, hoping to hit one of them.

However, what draws attention to this arched piece of wood is that, after describing a curve, it returns to the hands of the pitcher.

This leads us to some reflections around actions in our lives. Everything that we think, we speak is projected in the world and realizes a trajectory.

Our thoughts create a salutary atmosphere or not, corresponding to their good or bad qualities.

Our words reach people, change lives, benefit or damage institutions.

How often does a sentence, a hug, a smile alter the though, the decision of another person?

A radio show, a movie, a book. A thought read on the portal of some library or museum. Everything influences and changes lives.

In an admirable law, which we call cause and effect or action and reaction, what we project, returns to us. Something similar to the action of the boomerang, because it returns to our own economy, benefiting us or doing us harm.

Exactly in the same measure of what we think, speak and do.

In due time, the Master Jesus had already taught: To each one will be given according to his works.

While, sometimes, we offer benefits to those who do not strive, who does nothing to deserve them, simply out of sympathy, friendship, or interest, the Divine Law makes no mistake.

And gives each one exactly what they deserve, what they have built. So, when we say we are better than we deserve, we are making a mistake.

We are saying that God is wrong. That is because each one of us lives in the mood we build for ourselves.

Each one of us receives, for our life, what we think, what we wish for others.

It could not be otherwise. How could you think of someone who, lazily, erected a hovel of ill-disposed planks, could wish to inhabit a palace?

How can one imagine that whoever sow flowers can not, soon ahead, get benefit enough from the colors and the scent of their blessing sowing?

Boomerang, law of cause and effect, law of merit. To each one according to his works.

It does not matter how we conceive the question. What we need to keep in mind is how important it is to think of the good, act in the good, to desire the good for all.

All of that for our own good, our joy, our spiritual comfort.

Let us think about it.

Spiritist Moment Team
May 11.2018.

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