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Curitiba, 20 de Março de 2019
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ícone Shattered trees

The aggressive storm broke through the tree, tearing it apart, and continued to roar, in disarray.

The wounded tree, however, sure of itself through the sap, answered to the violent blow by pouring perfumed oil by the cut, and soon, greening, multiplied in flowers and fruits.

It was the peaceful response of nature to the rigor of the despair of the runaway forces.

*  *  *

How many times we are shattered by the storm of the days.

They arrive, often, without warning. We do not even have time to watch them approaching in the horizon.

They flood our roots, carry the most fragile leaves and cut us, hurting us deeply.

Storms are part of this world, as are the sunny days, alternating unevenly, just like the inner climate in the hearts of men.

However, nature, which always brings us rich lessons, presents us with a dignifying proposal.

The tree that is full of itself, through its sap, pours perfume by the local of the cut, and invigorates in a short time.

The soul that is sure of itself, sure of its future destinies, sure of the protection of the Father and certain that the storms are necessary, shows within its interior a powerful, rich sap, which feeds it in abundance.

Thus, it knows how to recover whenever it needs it, even if it is offended and mistreated.

And its response to the aggressions of the world is the other face, the face of peace of Spirit.

*   *   *

Let us not allow the unruly forces of the warring planet make us small, through the unhappiness they cause us.

The tree continues to grow after it withstands the storm, and grows stronger, more resistant.

Let us keep the branches facing upwards, just as the Araucaria trees (Brazilian pine tree) do, receiving the help of the Creator whenever necessary.

Let us remain confident of our future destiny: happiness. And let us work, untiringly, to achieve it.

If we realize that things are beyond our control, let us remember that, in fact, many things are beyond our current understanding. We cannot control everything.

Let us accept. But, not in a paralyzing and defeatist posture.

Let us accept understanding, accept work, with faith and with the hope that everything passes.

When struck by the craziness of the globe in transition, let us respond with the scent of understanding, calm, patience.

If we live times of constant struggle, it is a sign that a great change is coming. Let us observe, learn, understand what the adversities mean in loud cries to our apprentice heart.

What makes a majestic and strong tree are not the sunny days that it enjoys, but rather the days of wind and rain that defy the ability to stand.

Flowers and fruits arrive when least expected. No one knows the exact time to harvest, except the great Sower, who is our Great Father.

Let us remember that He is in charge of everything.

Spiritist Moment Team, with transcription of chapter June,
 item 27, of the book
Poemas de paz, by the Spirit Simba,
 psychography by
Divaldo Pereira Franco, publisher LEAL.
May 28.2018.

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