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Curitiba, 23 de Maio de 2019
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ícone The happiness we seek

It is said that, one day, a monk entered a village riding a bull. His figure attracted the curiosity of those who crossed the same streets in which he passed.

Some got close and asked where he was going, what he was doing there. Without getting disturbed, he always answered: I am looking for a bull.

People looked at each other and did not understand. Would the monk, by the age he presented, with some mental problem?

On the next day, the scene repeated itself. He entered the village, the questions repeated and the answer was the same: he was looking for a bull.

When everything got reprised, on the third day, some passersby did not endure such foolishness, and said: Why do you enter in our village, say that you are looking for a bull? Don’t you realize you are riding exactly the animal you say you are looking for?

With serenity, the monk, demonstrating his wisdom and his psychological sense, stopped and made the following remark: Interesting. You have noticed my incoherence. However, I am only acting the same way that you are.

You seek happiness, every day. You leave your houses, your families, your hometown, looking for happiness in other places.

You do not realize that happiness is in your intimacy, it is within each one of you, just waiting to be discovered.

*   *   *

Almost always, we act exactly that way. We long forhappiness,we put it in things that we still have to conquer: a bigger house, a new car, a promotion and higher salary, an extraordinary trip, a great love…

In this eagerness, we forget to live. And to look at our surroundings, to enjoy what we have and that is so precious.

We forget to live with the family, to enjoy the time that we are at home. We stoppedraving about the baby’s smile, its first words, the first steps.

We forget to appreciate the rainy days and the blessing of the sun. We do not realize the happiness of being able to walk with our own feet, to run, or just to walk, in the morning light, breathing at the top of our lungs the perfumed air that is offered for free.

We do not realize the happiness that is the possibility of feeding, identifying, thanks to our palate, each specific flavor.

For all that, because we live without regard to the fortune that we possess, it is that commonly, when the loss of any of these precious things that are presented, we say: I was happy and did not know it.

We could say: I was happy and I did not realize it, I did not enjoy the many wonderful things that were within my reach.

Therefore, before the rare jewelsare gone, our loved ones leave, our health deteriorates, any physical and intellectual possibilities weaken,we discover the happiness of which we are bearers.

Do not put it in a future that we do not know if we will achieve. Let us live today, intensely, with what we have, with who we are, with whom we meet.

The rain fell? The sun came up? Has the garden bloomed? Did the dog greet us with joy? Has anyone hugged us?

Let us discover happiness in everydivine blessing, in every minute of our lives.

Let us think about it.

Spiritist Moment Team,
with a legend from an unknown author.
August 17.2018.

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