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ícone The strength of now

Time is only a relative measure of the succession of transient things. Eternity is not subject to any measure from the point of view of duration. For it, there is no beginning nor ending: everything is present.

This is one of the contributions of the Spirit Galileo Galilee, found in Allan Kardec’s book Genesis, published in the year 1868.

Understanding that everything is, in a certain way, present, when we leave the sphere of transient things, helps us to see the days differently.

Everything is now. Everything is this instant.

Time is the result of the now joined to another one without solution of continuity.

It is us who pass through time. We are the ones who attach to each other the experiences, the actions, our acts. Time is only a way of measuring the quantity of them.

It is always us who go through time. It is never the time that passes through us.

All we have is the now, it is this instant. Past and future are not under our control, only the present.

When we consider the transitoriness of time, the now will no longer be repeated in the same circumstances and with the same possibilities…

The waters of a river will never return to the same bed, and, when they become steam and rain falling in the region, the circumstances will be different.

So, let us live the now with intensity and with maturity.

Living intensely now is an attitude of wisdom that cannot be postponed. This is equivalent to experiencing the lessons of life from the point of view of ethics and morality, through projects and commitments of self-enlightenment, gradually conquering the shadowy areas of personality.

Each now is  life’s gift to correct, restructure, build.

The lucid individual is awake for every opportunity he faces.

His conscience is vigilant to always get the best results. Even, when visited by evil, obtain the use of what is most useful.

Even if he remains indifferent, the now signals the moment of action.

So, let us live the now.

Let us be fully present in everything we do, drawing learning, enlightenment, maturity.

A mind that does not stop in the now, which is always in the past or in the future, is actually nowhere. It is almost a shadow of itself.

*    *    *

In a moment of hesitation, Peter denied Jesus three times.

At another moment, Judas had the exact size of his heinous crime and, regretting it, tried to prevent him from executing.

However it was late because it had already passed the meaning of now.

Our decisions of an instant will be reflected in the events that will come.

We cannot go back to cancel what happened, but we can start other initiatives with our eyes set on the future.

Let us therefore be accustomed, this way, to act with serenity at every moment, so that we may walk the course of our reincarnation with wisdom and righteousness.

Let us never underestimate the power of the now. Let us light up the light of love within ourselves, let us put the fuel of action and be happy, from now on.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on chapter VI, item 2, from book
Genesis – the miracles and predictions according to Spiritism, by
Allan Kardec, and based on chapter 5, from the book
Seja feliz hoje, by
Spirit Joanna de Ângelis, psychopgraphed by Divaldo Pereira Franco,
 Publisher LEAL.
August 24.2018.

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