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ícone Detox for the soul

Alice went to a nutrition expert. She undertook a lot of tests to check how her levels of minerals, proteins, hormones, sugars and other substances in the blood were.

She worried about her health and wanted to take care of her body.

The nutrologist, initially, prescribed a detox diet, to eliminate toxins.

Right after, he indicated another diet that consisted of a dietary reeducation, prioritizing the intake of natural and organic foods, removing from her menu what would be harmful to her health, such as fried food, sodas, candies, snacks, processed foods, among others.

She began the detox diet exhilarating. She felt her body reacting more willingly.

Then, she began the dietary reeducation, but she lost heart over the weeks, feeling herself being deprived of the things she liked to eat.

She was getting grumpy, irritable. Finally, she abandoned everything, blaming the doctor for failing to reach her goal.

In a short time, she was again ingesting foods that did no good for her health.

*    *    *

Just as our body, in order to be fine, needs healthy food, we must act in the same way with the soul’s food.

Our thoughts are nourished by what we see, hear and feel.

If we enjoy discussions and gossip, we feed our soul with toxic emotions and feelings.

If we pay attention to violent movies, scandalous news, songs whose lyrics convey vulgarity, prejudice, readings that reinforce materialism and hopelessness, we contaminate our thoughts.

Just as you need to do a detox diet followed by a dietary reeducation to balance the body, you also need a detox for the soul.

How to do this?

Reducing more and more the tuning and interaction with what is negative, such as speeches that stimulate revolts, hatred, fights, gossip…

Looking inside us, eliminating deeply rooted grievances and hard feelings.

Realizing how proud and selfish we are in living with our family, friends, co-workers.

Just as the body needs healthy nutrition for its functions to be balanced, our soul needs positive thoughts, emotions and feelings to stay in harmony.

Unlikely Alice, who allowed herself be swept away by her old habits, we must persevere in order not to act, feel and think like we did before we began our diet.

We drink fresh water to clean our organism. To cleanse the soul one must drink in the most powerful source of the Universe: love.

If in the diets of the body we make changes to improve our health, let us also make changes in this reeducation of feeling.

Instead of feeling angry, let us look at each other with compassion, without the toxins of pride and selfishness. Our wounded pride makes us see things in a distorted way.

In the same way that we strive not to eat sweets and fats, let us fight against desires of revenge, to fight against offenses and to avoid storing these desires in us.

By not feeding ourselves with what is bad for the body and for the Spirit, we will have a longer, healthier, more balanced and happier life!

Spiritist Moment Team.
September 14.9.2018.

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