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Curitiba, 23 de Maio de 2019
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ícone Five precious things

In His infinite goodness, God has provided for our body to be done wonderfully, with senses that help us to perceive His works and to enjoy them,

If we are listening to this message, it is because we are endowed with the sense of hearing.

Thanks to this preciousness, we can notice the nuances of a beloved person’s tone of the voice, the whisper of the wind among the trees, the rustling of fallen leaves, brushing the ground, the delicious laughter of a little child.

And how many emotions do we get from hearing? The sweetness of a lullaby, the charm of a symphony, the rhythmic cadence of the verses of a poem, a love declaration.

But God, who created us in the depths of our being and weaved us in the womb of our mother, has cheered us still the sense of vision.

It is he who gives us pleasant moments of contemplation of nature.

Thanks to the sight, we get enthralled by the red cheeks of a happy child; with rain falling on the fields; the red, gold and violet of the sunset; the rainbow color scale.

It all thanks to the human eye, which can distinguish more than three hundred thousand colors!

Unimaginable artifact, proper to an infinite God in His attributes.

A God who has made more effort and gave us the smell, which allows us to distinguish around ten thousand smells: the aroma of our favorite food; the delicate scent of a violet, distinguished from the jasmine, the carnation, the subtlety of the camellia, the exuberance of the lavender.

Who has not become ecstatic with the smell of the earth wet by the first droplets of rain?

And what can we say about tact, then? This sense that allows us to feel the gentle breeze on our faces, the warm embrace of those who we love…

The tact that allows us to feel the velvety fur of a sly cat, who stretches in the hot afternoon. Also the roughness of the sandpaper and the softness of a fruit.

And it is enough that we took a bite of a fruit to bring the palate into action. Our mouth is flooded with a mixture of subtle flavors, as the taste buds capture their complex chemical composition.

In fact, we have ample reasons to exclaim with the Psalmist: How abundant is Thy goodness, oh God!

*    *    *

It is good for us to think about these precious things which are our five senses for us to use more fully.

Therefore, may our eyes be able to discover the beauty, the charm of the morning that launches, luminous, beating the night.

Let our ears improve in capturing the most delicate sounds, discovering the drop that falls, slowly, flowing from the lazy cloud, the distant song of someone longing…

Let our sense of smell dwell on the discovery of ever new scents that nature offers.

May our touch improve in the embrace, in the caress, in the spontaneous and fraternal handshake.

And, when we are at the table, feeling the taste that gives us pleasure, let us remember God and learn to praise Him as we delight in the pizza, the hot dog, the favorite sandwich, the ice-cream, the rice and beans.

Let us learn to thank the Father for having offered us, for our pleasure on Earth, these five precious gems.

Let us think about it today, tomorrow and always.

Spiritist Moment Team, with
quote from Psalm 31, verse 19.
September 17.2018

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