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Curitiba, 24 de Junho de 2019
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ícone To hear God

At all times, the heavenly messengers have recommended the profound silence, so that men could hear the divine voice.

They say that God does not reveal Himself in the midst of the tumult. This is because too much noise deviate the thought which cannot be fixed in the high goal of the communion with divinity.

God needs human silence, in order to be heard by anyone who wishes to keep in touch with His fatherhood.

His message has been transmitted, through the ages, transcending the abyss of human passions, remaining in the air, waiting to be captured.

Therefore, the great Hebrew legislator, Moses, ascended Mount Sinai, diving into the immense silence.

Then, the heavenly voices were manifested, in the name of the great Father, conveyingthe golden rules of the Decalogue.

However, God has not stopped sending to His children new instructions for the attainment of harmony, wholeness.

In Eastern antiquity, His word was heard through the sensitives of a  varied denomination, calling for peace, for victory over the predominant passions in the beings.

In the pits and caves, in the solitary landscapes, God was unveiled, offering the knowledge of the truth which should be assimilated, slowly, through the ages.

The Model and Guide of Humanity, Jesus, after attending the crowds, hungry for bread, peace, light, soughtthe refuge of solitude to silently hear the Father, in the inner sanctuary.

Strengthened by the powerful energies of divine communion, he returned to the tumult and despair of the insatiable masses, so that He could lessen the pains and madness that took over his immense flock.

This is how we read about His ascension to Mount Tabor for the deepest prayer and the ensuing dialogues with the Spirits of Moses and Elijah.

And, awaiting His imprisonment and death, He retired to the Mount of Olives for the closest contact with the Father.

Francis of Assisi sought the summit of the mountains and the caves to, in silence, hear God.

In the same way, let us take refuge in the silence for conversations with God.

Let us allow ourselves to pray, which is pure dialogue with God. In silence, let us send our prayers. In the same wings of silence, the answers will return, filling us with peacce and tranquility.

*    *    *

In these hectic days, we need to seek silence for the renewal of the intimate landscapes, in order to hear God, attentively, pacifying ourselves.

When we become accustomed to silence, we shall feel ourselves in the light of the sublime clarity of God´s love. Then, it will be very easy for us to cross the dangerous roads of human relationships.

Let us act, with security and serenity, in any circumstance, happy or stormy, without despair, with admirable harmony.

Make silence a therapeutic necessity, every day, even in the midst of the chores that take our hours. Or the insomnia dawns, at dead hours.

Let us allow ourselves the silence that is communion with God.

Let us free ourselves from the tumult, with some regularity.

Let us habituate ourselves to these precious moments, which replenishour mood and reinvigorate the energies.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on the message Silêncio
para ouvir Deus, by the Spirit Joanna de Ângelis, psychographed
by Divaldo Pereira Franco, in the medium session in February 9,
2015, at the
Centro Espirita Caminho da Redenção.
October 19.2018.

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