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Curitiba, 24 de Junho de 2019
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ícone Mother, there is your son

She was young, in her prime years. She had been espoused by Joseph, who had welcomed her in fidelity and love. On a simple afternoon , after her chores, as in a dream, she was visited by a heavenly messenger.

Hail, full of grace, echoed the angelic voice. It is the wish of our Father that you receive, His son in your arms.

Mary had a slight start. But she said: Let it be done to me, poor servant, the will of my God.

The months ran smooth. On a difficult journey, Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem. In a simple stable, among the animals, the Son of the Highest was born and, in a manger, He was accommodated.

In time, Mary saw her Jesus speak and walk, told Him stories, cared for Him. But, near the age of thirty, He departed. It was time to take care of the business of the Higher Father.

Twelve friends joined Him, and by His side, began to walk. Mary heard rumors that, in the presence of her son, blind returned to see; deaf to hear and even one who was considered dead had risen again.

Her mother´s heart was filled with fears. The proud ones resented what Jesus was teaching: love to your neighbor, forgiveness of offenses. Lessons not always understood, but that overflowed the world of light.

Teaching, donating Himself, serving, the Christ sowed peace. When He visited her, Mary asked: What are you doing, my son? And Jesus, loving and fond: I take care of my Father´s business.

*    *    *

In a night of anguish, John brought to the Master´s mother, the painful warning: They have accused Him of being against the established order.

In an unfair trial, He was convicted and still had the crowd shout for His death and the liberation of the blustering Barabbas.

Woman, there is your son. Son, behold thy mother. At the feet of the crucified son, Mary received the Divine mission: to be our mother, mother of all Humanity.

Mother of Christ, mother of us all. May we by her example come close to Jesus e hear His voice.

*    *    *

It is Christmas. Let us adjust the acoustics of the soul so that we may hear the celestial voices singing: Glory to God, in the highest. Peace on Earth. Good will toward men.

Let us contemplate the Light Child who comes into the world to enlighten us on the journey and to teach us to call God the Father.

Let us join Mary, the lady of silence and faith.

Together with her, let us receive Jesus in the manger of our hearts.

Everything so that Christmas becomes an intimate celebration, in which we meet the not crucified Christ, and present in the lives of those who follow Him.

Present in the live of those who do not know Him. Of those who suffer, the ones who fear, the ones who are hungry, of the sick, of those who, regretful, seek in the Master´s gaze, the resumption.

*    *    *

The Blessed Mother understood her mission by looking into the eyes of her son.

Following the example of Mary, let us seek Jesus´gaze, in order to attend His invitation: Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself.

Spiritist Moment Team
November 14.2018

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