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ícone The visit of Jesus

For those children, Christmas was a rather sad holiday. The house was poor and had only a few kitchen items, an old sofa, one television.

They knew that Christmas was coming through the endless television ads that invited them to buy lots and lots of toys, wonderfully wrapped presents, gorgeous boxes. And there were always news that filled the eyes.

In addition, the soap operas, the movies, the cartoons, all mentioned Christmas. And there was the supper with plenty of food, sweets, breads, sodas and juices.

It was all mouth-watering, but far from their reality. Their father´s paycheck covered the needs, nothing more. No gift could even be thought, dreamed of. None, as it small as it was.

There was something special about Christmas Eve, though. The mother, who always prepared each one´s plate, in order to share it all equally, at that dinner, drew a heart with the food.

She put the rice in the middle of the plate and separated, with her fingers, towards the edge, until forming an empty heart in the middle.

Then, she would fill the drawing with a ladle of beans and if there was any other thing, maybe some mixture, she would place it right on the side, so as not to ruin the contour.

They all gathered around the table and prayed, repeating their mother´s words: Jesus, we are glad that You have come!

And they retired on the Holy Night, thinking about that Jesus who had been born in a stable, Light of the world, King of life.

More recently, the mother of the family had attended sewing and cooking workshops.

And the family life has improved. The sewing and cooking began to bear fruits, almost immediately. The picture had changed.

So, last Christmas, even without a tree, festooned with colored balls and candles, no gift wrapping, something very special happened.

The father made a large sign and placed it in front of the house, with the states: We are glad you arrived!

In the kitchen, a great drive. It looked like they were cooking for a battalion.  And, before the children´s questions, the mother explained:

Jesus is coming for supper tonight, my loves. Your father and I have invited Him, in person. He will come hungry and thirsty. We must be prepared.

When the night arrived, Jesus came, wearing simple clothes, with a beard, without a beard. And the children began to discover that Jesus was black. He was white. He was a man. He was a child. He was a woman.

And each one received that plate with a heart made of rice, full of beans. And they smiled. And they were delighted.

Some, when smiled at the warm meal, showed their mouths with few teeth.

I think that is why mom made food that does not need to be chewed so much. the little girl thought.

Little before midnight, the family gathered to thank. The prayer rose, in a chorus: Jesus, we are glad that you have come!

And the joy of true Christmas enlightened all hearts. The house looked like a palace made of light.

Whoever had a little sensitivity to perceive what was going on beyond matter would be able to hear the heavenly song repeating: Glory to God in the highest. Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on the article
Que bom que você chegou, by Ana Guimarães,
in the Magazine
Cultura Espirita, in December 2016.
November 20.2018.

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