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Curitiba, 19 de Agosto de 2019
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ícone Jesus is born

Son of a carpenter and a housewife, from the heavens, from God, the Son of Man was born .

His mother, Mary, wrapped Him in simple cloths and placed Him in a manger. The celestial vault was filled with stars and the heavenly messengers sang: Glory to God in the highest, peace on Earth, goodwill toward men.

In the simplicity of the stable of Bethlehem Jesus was born. He was born poor, in the bosom of a captive people.

Honored by an infinite count of stars, the Universe and eternity lulled His sleep.

He grew up in Galilee, a city considered the smallest and of no importance. He waited for the time to be made for the beginning of His Messianate.

The Ambassador of love was born and lived among the poor, among the despised, the humiliated. He extended His hand to those whom society made invisible: lepers, handicapped, hungry, widows, orphans.

Through the roads he went, crossed the road of all men. He came to distant hearts and distant souls, drawing them closer to the Father.

He journeyed through Galilee, Judea and Pereia, and came to the cities of Tire and Sidon.

He did not go down in History. He divided it: before Him, after Him.

And, for that, he only loved and taught us to love. He did not take swords, did not lead armies, did not lead battles, did not dethrone kings, did not conquer empires, had no crowns and scepters.

My kingdom is not of this world, he said.

Two thousand years have passed since His birth. It is Christmas, it is a festive date.

Let us close our eyes and think of Him. Let us think of Christ Jesus and make our prayer:

Jesus is born and turns our hearts into true mangers to welcome You, in this day and always, in Your peace, in Your light.

Jesus is born in our imperfections and thoughts, in our moral sorrows, in the wounds of our souls, in the deepest recesses of our emotions and feelings.

Jesus is born in our selfishness and makes us see Your poor, Your lonely, Your abandoned, as our brothers.

May we, by Your example, give them relief arms, a protective lap, words of consolation, hands of giving.

Jesus is born in our pride, when we marginalize forgiveness, when we forget the restorative prayer, when we do not commit ourselves to comforting truth, because we do not remember gratitude.

Jesus is born in the orphanages and nursing homes, in sanatoriums, in recovery homes, in hospitals.

He is born among those who suffer prejudice, among religions, in all countries, tribes, between Eastern and Western.

Among the imprisoned, Oh Master, You are born too. A new horizon is granted to them and it is all light, all beginning, all opportunities, all good.

Jesus is born. He awakens us to the fact that every act has its consequences, that the law of  God resides in the conscience , and that it is by traveling the road of eternity that we will reach the longed for happiness.

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Christmas, true Christmas, occurs when the Master of peace is born in the manger of our hearts and makes home in the intimacy of our souls.

Spiritist Moment Team.
November 23.2018.

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