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Curitiba, 24 de Junho de 2019
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ícone A world for our children

Before so many wars and rumors of wars, terrorist attacks that steal the peace of the simple people, is to ask: what world are we building for our children?

What will we offer for these little ones who just blossom into the physical life?

What are we preparing for their eyes, for their future?

It would be important if we were concerned about building a world where they could live the tomorrow, keeping the glow in their eyes.

With less sadness stamped on the face. Less pain for the premature parental loss.

Less disenchantment with seeing their friends leave and finding so many empty benches at school.

A world where people could freely walk through the streets, without fearing lost bullets, trawlers or aggressive demonstrations.

A world where everyone would unite to overcome the sickness, the hunger, the misery, that still exists in so many alleys on the Earth.

Where each one would think of the best for their family and for their neighbor.

A world where children could dream, with the only concern to grow and become useful citizens, workers of the good.

Creatures that enchant the planet with their art, filling it with wonderful sounds with the symphony of their voices.

Or with the lightness of their bodies in the dance.

Or with agility and efficiency in the sporting disputes.

Or use their minds, their hands to heal illnesses that persist in hurting so many people.

Or they could devote themselves to experiments that would result in inventions to make life easier for man on the face of the Earth.

Who knows, to overcome gravity and launch into space, towards new discoveries, new stars?

A child is a light ray. Let us not erase the hope that shines in its gaze, in its gestures.

Let us build a world in which each child has its place in the sun, be loved, play freely, living its childhood intensely.

Where they can go to school, go to the park, to the pool, to the farm, to the beach, without fear.

*   *   *

It is possible that listening to this message some of us may say that we are normal people, living day to day, without being able to interfere in armed conflicts or in armed decisions.

However, let us think about how we can sow peace in our day, being less aggressive, more tolerant.

Let us not drive our car as it is a weapon, that we respect our fellow man, that we honor the honest work.

There is so much to do in this world that it can benefit so many.

The vibration of love that we throw toward each other is the same that will calm the wave of armed conflict.

The dignity with which we perform our tasks will reduce corruption, dishonesty.

Our donation in cash or voluntary work will reduce difficulties that are near or distant.

A new world. A world to be shared with everyone.

A world for our children. A world of hope, embroidered with the colors of the rainbow.

Let us begin today and join ourselves to others who already sow in the world the good, love, peace.

Let us do this for our children. For our children. For ourselves who will return, in future lives, to the world we build now.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on
the song
Let the children have a world,
by Danna Winner.
January 7.2019.

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