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Curitiba, 29 de Maio de 2020
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What happens when our loves go through the wild open door of death?

Those of us who keep the certainty of life that does not end, cry and pray. We pray for their welfare. We pray for ourselves, so that the vibrations of the prayer bring lenitive for the longing.

Those, however, who do not have the support of the belief in Immortality, suffer much more.

Do the loves continue living? If they continue to live, do they see us, hear us, can communicate with us?

And the pain of uncertainty adds up to longing, making the days difficult.

In March 2011, part of the northwest coast of Japan was devastated by a strong earthquake, followed by a violent tsunami,.

About sixteen thousand people died and two thousand and five hundred disappeared.

Among the victims, more than four hundred residents of the small town of Otsuchi.

Even today, in the midst of ruins and reconstruction works on the site, people live in mourning for the loss of the loved ones.

Thinking of helping these shattered hearts, an inhabitant of the place, Itaru Sasaki devised a poetic healing.

He installed a telephone booth in his garden and, since the earthquake, left if at disposal of the residents.

The garden is very beautiful, with green grass and colorful flowers. The phone, disconnected, became known as the wind phone.

The recommendation is for the person to enter the cabin, close the eyes. Stay quiet. Listen carefully.

If they hear the sound of the wind, a wave or a bird, they must open their heart so that the feeling can reach the beloved person who has been gone.

The wind phone, which does not need wires, cables, or an account card, works through the mind.

Thus, rain or shine, every day, people will use the phone to send their messages.

Or simply to try to alleviate their sadness. To convey that message never spoken. Like that son who expressed himself thus:

Hi dad, here is your son. It must have been very hard for you to be trapped in a concentration camp in Siberia.

I Recently, received information from the Japanese government about your death.

I have been suffering with it for seventy years. My mother died. My little brother died. But, my big brother and I are fine.

Take care of yourself. I am talking from the wind telephone. I will call again. Bye.

Itaru Sasaki devised a way for the person to allow itself to talk to someone who has gone, sometimes, suddenly.

Mourning families might have something to say to their loved ones and did not know how.

The wind telephone aims to provide the connection of the feelings between those who remained and those who have gone for the Great Beyond.

What a beautiful and romantic way of helping a communication that, in essence, can simply, be realized by thought.

Mister Sasaki says, in his wisdom of more than seven decades: Expressing your feelings is a difficult thing to do.

So, people come to vent their feelings, what they hold deep in the soul.

The telephone is only a palpable tool to stimulate what we can do by thought, anywhere.

But for many, it is the beginning of the exercise of good communication between two worlds.

Spiritist Moment Team, based
on news from
June, 18.2019.

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