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Curitiba, 29 de Maio de 2020
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ícone The great teacher

Life is not experienced by everyone in the same way. Each one has its own way of living, of feeling. Even to receive and manage the difficulties that come to you.

It is interesting to observe people who suffer intense pains, who spend their days immersed in serious problems and, nevertheless, keep the smile on the lips and the willingness to live.

Those who watch them at a distance, unaware of the drama they face, believe that they are totally happy creatures, with no difficulty at all reaching them.

They look like blooming plants in the middle of winter. Something similar to the Tabebuia Aurea, this stubborn tree.

While the others choose to bloom in the mild spring weather and in the hot,  rainy summer days, it graces the final days of winter.

Indifferent to low temperatures, it presents its yellow, white, purple flowers in abundance.

And when the icy wind comes, it hands it the branches, and lets itself strip off the beautiful flowers, embroidering the ground.

Hopeful, it awaits spring.

It would be good if we were like the Tabebuia Aurea, offering our flowering of feelings to the world, even in the winter blocks of our existences.

Or that we imitate those other flowers that reach the splendor just in the cold weather, like the gerbera, relative of the daisies.

Or the tulip that demands, for its development, the cold weather. Or the camellia that exhibits all its splendor in full winter.

We all have winter periods. Those in which the icy air of solitude punishes us, the troubles add up as snowflakes falling, ceaselessly, over our heads

Or the thin, icy rain of difficulties which becomes insistent.

It would be good to bloom while others are numb, asleep by the winter hours. To bloom amid the cold season of other´s people feelings.

To bloom amid the indifference of so many.

To bloom when hearts are already stripped of hope and the loaded brows tells of the worries that take the hours.

Offering colorful flowers when the skies appear gray, the clouds loaded, announcing intense rains, coming sooner.

How good would it be if we could be like the nature that renews itself, splendorous, after the storm that ravished it, and shattered the branches, dismantled the flowers.

If we could rise like the bamboo that folds to the fury of the wind and, after the storm, rises, lush, again.

We have so much to learn from nature that every day teaches us strength, good spirit.

That one that does not tremble with destruction because it recognizes its own power to remake.

That after the torrential rain, it offers the limpid air, light and awaits the arrival of the car if the sun, triumphant, pouring gold.

That capriciously, pinches the clouds of color while sculpting delicate shapes that fill the children's head with imagination: sheep, lions, an eagle ...

Yes, nature is exemplary. If we observed it more, we would discover many ways of ourselves to be happier by imitating it.

We would not allow ourselves to despair of the seismic tremors of the soul, nor the depression before the mishaps that life presents to us.

Nature. Work of the Divine hands that offers us beauty, harmony, lessons of good life.

Let us learn from it, our mother nature.

Spiritist Moment Team.
July 1º.2019.

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