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Curitiba, 29 de Maio de 2020
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ícone God of us all

It was dusk... In the small town, the discouraged young woman was passing in front of a church, when she decided to enter.

The institution was not even the one of her religion. However, she was so sad, wanting the world to end so that she could be consumed, that she head for the door.

At that very moment, the sacristan was preparing to close the place.

Isabel stepped back. But, upon realizing her intention, he invited her:

Would you like to come in? Welcome.

But, you were closing.

Not a problem. Come in and stay as long as you wish. I can close the doors later.

She entered the temple. Certainly, it was different from the place she used to go.

She sat down on one of the seats and started to pray. A torrent of tears took hold of her. It was as if all her pain was pouring out. She sobbed softly, as she pleaded for help.

Would God hear her? Why such sadness she did could not even explain. She had problems, it is true. Who does not?

But her reason was that she should not be so sad. After all, there were people, in the world, who were suffering far more than she did.

She prayed again. She felt herself enveloped by a sweet spiritual presence.

The sacristan, discreet and attentive, approached.

Ma´am, I went to get some of this water that we bless here in the church. Take it home. Have it. You will feel better.

She picked up the small bottle, thanked for it and left. She felt better.

Later, at home, having in hand the book of her preference for the daily reflection, she thought:

How good God is! God has no religion. He is everywhere. He attends to all His children and shows off through any person of good will.

*  *  *

God is love. Infinitely fair and good, He pours out His blessings for the whole Universe.

When we learn that God is Omnipresent, we do not always realize that, inside and out of the temples, He is present.

Jesus prayed in the heart of nature. She sought the Father in the silence of the night, or on the mild afternoons, by the lake.

It was He who taught us that God must be worshiped, in Spirit and truth, on the altar of the heart.

The men erect temples, in order to better serve the people, allowing them a place of refuge, a school of learning.

However, some of us, just then, in this opportunity, begin to divide and create exclusions.

As if God protected some more than others. All His children.

It is good that we meditate on the Divine Omnipresence and respect each other more, participants of diverse cults and religions.

God has no religion. Religion serves men just to draw near to Him. Therefore, it must never be a matter of separation or disagreement.

We praise the servants of the Lord who attend to human pain, without asking the person whether or not he is fond of this or that cult.

We praise the ones who have the gift of speech and the opportunity of the leadership and use them to sow peace, harmony and love among everyone.

God bless those who serve, anonymously e discreetly, in the silence of temples, in the pain of hospitals, in the convulsion of hearts.

Spiritist Moment Team.
July  4,2019.

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