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Curitiba, 29 de Maio de 2020
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ícone Spacecraft

Sci-fi movies have already richly shown scenes of huge spaceships cruising the Cosmos at astonishing speeds.

Inside them, small towns. Rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, recreation areas, everything imaginable.

Also, a huge crew living a normal life, as if they were on some planet. Nor does it seem to be crossing the space at a high speed.

A futuristic vision? A distant future? Not really.

Interestingly, we live a reality exactly like this, without noticing it. We are passengers of a large spacecraft that moves quickly through space. It is called Earth.

The planet revolves around the Sun at a very high speed, about one hundred and seven thousand kilometers per hour. In addition, our entire solar system revolves around the center of the galaxy at a speed of about seven hundred and seventy-eight thousand kilometers per hour.

We could go further in the quotation of speeds, since even the Milky Way is not stopped. However, with these data alone, we have an impressive information: every minute the Earth is, in the Universe, nineteen thousand kilometers away from where it was before.

It makes us all sidereal travelers.

It is very interesting to know that about two thousand years ago we imagined that the Earth was the center of the Universe. The theory said that the planet was still and that the Sun revolved around it.

It was man and his self-centeredness, outlined in his beliefs.

This theory lasted nearly one thousand and seven hundred years, and it was only replaced by the heliocentric theory – the Sun as the center of the Universe – at great cost.

Astronomers, such as Nicholas Copernicus, struggled to prove that the previous proposal needed to be revised.

The man was not the center of everything. The Universe was larger and more complex than imagined.

Today we know a little more. Our Sun is a yellow dwarf, tiny in the face of giant uncovered stars. Our solar system is reduced composition in one arm of the huge Milky Way, which is also not the largest of the millions of existing galaxies.

All this leads us to realize that we are space travelers. We currently inhabit the spacecraft Earth, but we can crew others along the great journey, according to need and merit.

We are not the center of the Universe. We are part of it, as important gears of something extremely complex and beautiful.

For all that, it is worth to reflect on our own life purposes, if we are really behaving like travelers.

Many of us still believe that only matter exists; that life begins in the cradle and ends in the grave; that the most important is having rather than being.

Many still live an egocentric life, as if the Universe revolved around us. Everyone is there to serve us, to attend us, and when they do not, they become enemies and troublesome.

We easily get frustrated. We insist in staying still when everything around us is moving, changing, evolving, growing toward perfection.

Thus, let us see ourselves as a member of the Earth´s crew, a fantastic spacecraft cruising the Cosmos as we learn, day after day, about the universal love.

 Spirititst Moment Team.
July 26.2019.

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