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Curitiba, 29 de Maio de 2020
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ícone What enchants me in the world

What delights me in the world is to discover, every day, that I have many more things to learn and experience.

Inexhaustible learning.

However long human life is, and there are those over a century old, it is too short to know the full potential of this planet of ours.

It is also short to experience everything that it can provide.

When I look at the diversity of the races, each with its own characteristics and the charm that their mixture produces, I am amazed.

Black, brown, blue, green eyes. Black-skinned people with wonderful green eyes. People who bring the sky in their eyes and the rays of the sun framing their faces.

Red-skinned people, with all their rituals, beliefs, adorns, honoring their ancestors.

The richness of its medicinal wisdom that enters the woods and holds the herbs, the roots for the cure of so many physical ailments.

It enchants me the very human being, himself, in his actions.

I am moved to see how there is so much goodness and giving in its soul. A natural disaster is enough to attest to his solidarity and compassion.

Before being summoned, he runs to help his neighbor. He forgets exhaustion, hunger and gives himself to help his brothers, during hours and days.

I am moved to see the extraordinary resistance of a baby, who is buried in rubble for hours, is rescued crying, telling the world: I survived! I was born to win! I am a warrior for life!

Enchants me the human creativity, in the arts, in science. The genius of his discoveries. The tireless pursuit of knowledge. The dream of overcoming distances and reaching the stars.

Creativity that photographs an inhospitable region, an immense world of snow and ice, recording God´s care in every detail.

Creativity that translates into sounds how the soul feels when it is ecstatic with a sunset, a ray of light, the rain the falls thin, the rising sea, raging, shouting to the heavens: God, oh God, calm the fury from my guts!

The creativity in dance, in the composition of colors and objects in a setting, in the sowing of a garden, shaping arabesques between the green and the profusion of corollas opened in joy.

I am delighted every time I hear the news about the dedication of researchers, scientists, locked up in their laboratories, immersed in the creation of vaccines and medicines to serve life.

It enchants me to hear so many cries for peace, for good, for love.

People who have nothing and sing hope.

People with special needs, who surpass all expectations and show that they can win by studying, working, offering their own contribution to society.

People! Of all races, of all creeds. Souls created by God, clothed with sculptural bodies, deficient, small, medium, large.

Souls of God! My brothers!

It enchants me, in a peculiar way, to be sure that I will still return to this world, time and time again.

And that then, in the course of time, I will be able to enjoy so many discoveries that will come, of new times of understanding among creatures.

I will be child again, idealistic young person, mature man. Immortal soul, I will return to be, once more, enchanted with life, with the human being, with the incredible Divine Creation.

 Spiritist Moment Team.
August 5,2019.

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