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Curitiba, 29 de Maio de 2020
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ícone Solar King

He was foretold by the prophets of Israel, for centuries.

 He was awaited as the Rescuer, the Messiah, the Lord´s anointed.

Heavenly messengers have testified, in other writings, that He is the only perfect being the Earth has ever known.

He is the Master, the Christ. Planetary governor, He came to be with men, taking a body of flesh and living among us, for nearly thirty-three years.

The son of a carpenter, He exemplified the lesson of humility by allowing His father to offer Him the first verses of Torah, according to Jewish tradition.

He also allowed himself to learn his father´s experience in dealing with wood, becoming a carpenter like that one.

The hands that had shaped the earthly forms in the divine cooperation of the creation of our planet, applied themselves to shaping the wood, giving it the most varied forms and uses.

Exemplifying the law of labor, He had the opportunity to say that Heavenly Father works unceasingly and He, the Solar King, works the same.

Affirming the need to change old penal codes, He offered the adulteress the chance to reformulate her life, starting over, without going back to the same mistake.

This, replacing the old stoning death formula, ratifying the prophetic lesson that the Father does not desire the death of the sinner, but that he be converted and live.

He sought the mistaken of Sychar, in Samaria, and at the well´s edge, He offered her the knowledge of the living water He had.

By presenting Himself as a Master and offering Himself as an example to be followed, Jesus honored the home of those who gave him the gift of friendship.

He was at Peter´s house, in Capernaum, as much as at the farm of Bethany, home of the siblings Mary, Martha and Lazarus.

And, affirming the excellence of that feeling, He would say that the friend gives his for the friend´s life.

When arrested, in the Garden of Olives, before the soldiers´ attempt to imprison those who were with Him, He warns:

Leave them. It is me you want.

Master of joy, He began His messianate at the feast commemorating the marriage of a young couple.

And He concluded it with the celebration of the Jewish Easter, in the joyful remembrance of the liberation of a people, extolling the glory of Yaweh, in hymns of praise.

He sought out the excluded and invited them to follow Him. That is why, in Jericho, He stayed at the house of Zacchaeus, the publican and rescued the mistaken of Magdala, in the name of love.

Heading for the sacrifice, letting himself go as a helpless lamb, He offered the lesson of courage, of moral fortress.

He remained lucid until the end, telling us how to withstands with dignity to the pains those who surrender to the Supreme Father.

He asked for forgiveness to all who, blinded by pride or imprisoned in their own wickedness, participated in the nefarious act of His imprisonment, condemnation e death.

Unloved love, He left, leaving us with the hope that He would go ahead to prepare the place for us, in the Father´s house, where there are many homes.

Since then, we have been gazing at the stars, dreaming of the worlds that await us and asking ourselves, from time to time:

In what world, Lord Jesus, are you waiting for us?

 Spiritist Moment Team, with quotation from
biblical book Ezequiel, chapter 18,verse 23.
September, 2.2019.

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