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Curitiba, 03 de Abril de 2020
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ícone Before the stormy days...

When problems come to us, how do we act? Or how do we react?

Our country lives days of great complexity. While in some points, violence goes beyond anything imaginable, reaching children in schools, ordinary men on their way to work, housewives in the grocery shopping line; while the press reports, through all the media, the corruption that is loose, each day showing another politician, a high executive, an industrialist, a merchant; while class strikes are established  here and there, how do we behave?

Are we one of those who adhered to the wave of discouragement and complained about everything, in line at the bank, at the supermarket, at the gas station?

Do we scream, thicken the roll of dissatisfied people, filling the streets with protests?

Do we increase the wave of uneasiness, sending news, not always true, through social medias, soaking the day with dark clouds?

Yes, as citizens, we have the right to protest, as long as we do not violate the right of others to come and go, the sick to be attended, of the elderly to reach the place they need, the food to arrive the shelves.

We have the right to protest for what we believe is legitimate, we have the right to tell our politicians that we have eyes to see and ears to hear, clearly.

And we have decision-making power. We also have the right to attend class meetings, voting, lucidly, in favor of what we believe is the best. We are all entitled to this. But, let us ask ourselves, as Christians, what is our attitude like?  Is it consistent with what we learn in the gospels?

Does the message of Jesus serve us in these moments of revolt, of difficult decisions?

Let us be aware that the immortal lesson should not be restricted to the temples, where we gather, read and interpret the letters of the New Testament.

The message of the Master is for every day and every hour of our life. The Christian has the duty to be a lucid, coherent, opinion-forming citizen through his words, his attitudes.

If we learn that, with our thoughts, we feed the mental wave of the world, it is up to us to watch what we think.

While others are thrilled that the country is hopeless, that everything will end badly, let us be those who are sure that Jesus is at the helm.

That after the storm, no matter how bad it is, the days of calm will come.

We find ourselves in moments very characteristic of a world in transition. A world that screams and despairs because it does not want to change.

But that can change due to our attitudes. Let us be the thoughtful word, positive thinking.

Let us unite to pray, between family, in the religious temple, in the community in which we live.

Let us pray for those who lead us, let us pray for the best decisions at the negotiating table.

Let us pray…

After all, are we or are we not the followers of that one who said: Everything we ask my father, in my name, will be granted to you?

Haven´t we read the promise of knock and it will be opened to you; ask and you will receive; seek and find?

What do we seek, then? Peace, concord or adherence to disengagement?

Let us think about it. The time demands from each of us, as a Christian and a lucid citizen, the best.

What is our best?

Spiritist Moment Team.
February 12.2020.

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