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Curitiba, 03 de Abril de 2020
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ícone Blessed teachers

Who has never trembled during a test? Who has not had that moment when it seems like everything disappeared from the mind and the answers just do not come to the memory?

Who has come across looking at the questions to be answered and everything seemed unheard of, as if you had never had contact with that matter?

Exam day. Many of us have difficulties in these moments. Some for not studying. Some because of our emotional system.

Others because we do not understand the subject and so the questions seem impossible to be answered.

That is why, possibly, that teenager, with no hope of getting a good grade, had written at the bottom of the exam page:

Professor, I am a disappointment in Math. So do not be alarmed by my zero. But, give me, at least, one point.

Upon receiving the corrected exam back, the student was surprised.

Jorge, the teacher, had reformulated one of her sentences, writing it down with a red pen: I am not a disappointment in Math.

Adding: Can you help me understand it better?

Finally, answering himself: Of course!

The teacher´s attitude went viral on the internet, prompting comments of all sorts.

There were those who described their own negative experiences in school exams.

There were those who said that, if they had had a teacher of that finesse, they would certainly have understood the subject. And even liked it.

And there were, even, those who spoke up saying: That is why I study to become a teacher. Every time I see a Master with that attitude I am sure of my call.

There were those who reported how her teacher had calmed her down during an exam, correcting it later, together, and teaching her how to solve each of the proposed questions.

Such teachers make a big difference in schools and, above all, in the lives of their students.

When we make mistakes and someone shows us the mistake, it is a lesson that we no longer forget.

Much better than simply earning a bad grade, having the answers crossed out strongly in red pen, pointing out our ignorance or even little understanding about all of that.

Whoever has had a good teacher in their school career does not forget about it.

That teacher who was willing to remain a little longer after class, to explain in details what we had not understood.

The one who attended us, outside the school, at different times, clarifying our doubts.

The other one who gave us an appropriate bibliography, pointed out mistakes, suggested adjustments in written pieces, in school works whose quality left much to be desired.

That teacher who even noticed our little desire to study the subject he taught and called us aside, showing the value of that knowledge in our future.

After all, how many times, in the midst of so much information, we do not ask: Why do I need to know that? When will I use this in my life?

Teacher, a special being. He holds the knowledge that we have not yet gained, the experience that we have not yet had.

And they must be filled with love to pass it all on, between a shot of patience and another of goodwill.

God bless the teachers who instructed us, opening clearings in our minds!

  Spiritist Moment Team, based on fact
gotten from the internet.
February 18.2020.


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