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Curitiba, 30 de Maio de 2020
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ícone Love has no limits

Love has no limits. It does not select. It is unconditional.

We love everything about the person and have the ability to provide details of the attitudes of those who are the object of our love.

We have the ability to recognize the unmistakable sound of footsteps, the unique way of speaking, the timbre of the voice.

We love the good, we love what we dislike. At times, in daily coexistence, we say we are uncomfortable, with some snags, and we say we can not stand the noise of the spoon hitting the plate, during the meals; the noisy way of throwing the keys over the counter, when arriving home, the shoes in the middle of the room; the mess in the bathroom after the shower.

We refer to many loves: parents, grandparents, children, spouses, siblings.

How many times have we called their attention, in the attempts, always unsuccessful, to modify certain behaviors?

Is it possible that we love those who irritate us, bother us? Do we wish well to whom we have to plead, dozens of times, to act differently, every day?

Yes, we do. Because it is enough that any one of these loves leave, towards the great Beyond, for us to wait for that noisy arrival, objects scattered around the empty rooms, the noise during the meals.

Intimately and outwardly we affirmed that we would give everything we have to hear that uncomfortable noise again, breaking the silence at the table.

What we would not give to enjoy that physical presence, between us, at least once, one more time.

How we would aim to hear the sound of that voice, even if it was in a slightly higher pitch than usual.

This tells us that when we love, even what we categorize as unpleasant, it is part of the package of our unconditional feeling.

Love is just like this: broad, only compared to the Universe, constantly expanding. It is so vigorous that it has the capacity for all renunciations, without being disturbed.

Love thinks of the other rather than itself. Your happiness is to bring happiness to the object of your affection.

Tell that to all the mothers who deprive themselves of food to guarantee that of their children; the spouses who devote themselves, body and soul, in the care of sudden or long illnesses, that reach the other, making them incapacitated and dependent for the smallest things.

Attest this to those who have wet eyes from the tears of longing, the ones who suffer the pain of the physical absence of someone special, someone who has left significant marks on the ribs of our suffered intimacy.

Yes, we love the whole. There is no way to dissociate the feeling, fractionate it.

*    *    *

With Jesus we learn that love will one day replace human aggressiveness, resolving all the matters that may constitute points of divergence between creatures.

Let us immerse our spirit in the vibrating currents of love and let love respond to our desires with the imperceptible language of inner peace.

Let us love, therefore, striving at first, even if the remnants of many misfortunes that have affected us linger in our emotional palate, and we will see, smiling, that the greatest happiness in love belongs to those who love.

Love is of divine origin. The more you give, donate, the more it multiplies without ever running out.

 Spiritist Moment Team, with final thoughts from the
Amor, from the book Repositorio de Sabedoria,
v.1, by the Spirit Joanna de Angelis, psyshographed
by Divaldo Pereira Franco, publisher LEAL
March 29.2020.

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