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Curitiba, 17 de Maio de 2022
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ícone Thirteen reasons for you to stay

A mother´s heart wrote a letter to her young daughter who had just attempted against her own life. And she entitled it: Thirteen reasons for you to stay.

Daughter, I guess you thought a lot before making this decision. That you sought to end an enormous pain, the size of which I cannot imagine.

However, I point out here, very objectively, some reasons, a few motives for you to stay.

First: have you stopped to think about how would we all be if you left early? How broken would our hearts be, the hearts that love you so much? Yeah... You try to end a pain and create for us an even greater one.

Second: Is it time to give up? It has been such a short time since you arrived. Less than two decades. Look how many years you have ahead of you. Your book is still in the first few chapters. We cannot judge the entire book by the first pages.

Third: look back and see everything you have already accomplished, all that has brought you this far. All adversities that are faced are victories. And a life of victories should not be seen with disheartened eyes.

Forth: you inspire us every day. You are our example. And know that you are an example for other people as well. We need examples in this world to lead, opening paths to those who follow while you walk on foward!

Fifth: our life was happier after you arrived. I know it sounds very cliché - father and mother talking, as you young people say - but it is absolutely true. You brought our entire family joy and the will to live.

Sixth: you still need to be a doctor, a singer, a teacher, a veterinarian, a fashion consultant, a massage therapist - in short, whatever you want to be professionally, for the future is open to you.

Seventh: remember how many delightful moments we spent together with our family; you with your little nieces and nephew, and their enjoyment playing with their oldest aunt. And how many of these moments we can still have!

Eighth: walking on the beach sand. The sea with its majestic refuge inviting us towards serenity, demonstranting with its waves that everything comes and goes, that life is made of high and low tides controlled by invisible and grandiose forces.

Ninth: you still need to be a mother. I know you wish for it. Do not be in a hurry, but I am sure it will be the most beautiful experience of your life.

Tenth: you still need to learn how to drive so that you can take me around in your car, as you promised me, remember?

Eleventh: to travel. If you want so much to know the world, other cultures, other places, make plans and get yourself ready for that.

Twelfth: you will never be alone.

Thirteenth: finally, do not anticipate your departure because we, your father and I, want to be there to welcome you when it truly is your turn to leave.

*   *   *

We sincerely hope that this letter has touched the depths of this daughter´s soul.

These are times of struggle. As parents, let us not be discouraged.

The good Spirits act upon us to help us and save those who suffer terrible pain in the world and who insist on escaping through the false door of suicide.

Let us be alert. The Lord is with us.

Spiritist Moment Team.
August 9.2021.

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