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Curitiba, 17 de Maio de 2022
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ícone Our heritage

Inheritance is the legacy, the patrimony, the assets we leave to our descendants, by heredity or by will. 

Many of us work hard throughout our whole life, aiming to leave our heirs many possessions.

With that, we think, your happiness will be guaranteed. We seem to forget to look around us.

How many fortunes have we seen disappear, very quickly, squandered by heirs who, it seems, were only waiting for the opportunity to spend it immensurably, satisfying their pleasures?

How many large-sized companies have disappeared, affected by dissension and disputes among family members?

Or due to lack of ability to effectively manage the assets received?

Will we wish to watch, after our death, our descendants fighting each other in the courts because they want an extra portion of what we have consigned in a will?

It is important to rethink attitudes. First of all, we must be aware that more than material goods, our presence alongside our children is truly valuable.

This means that we must equate time in order to fulfill our professional activity. And make time for those we love.

Time to be with the kids, watch them grow in intellect and in moral issues.

Issues that we, by word and example, will be able to offer them.

Just like our parents who worked hard, they did not get rich, so they did not leave us wealthy when they left.

 However, they left us wonderful examples of life: honesty, dignity, courage, respect for the elderly, children, laws, love for the country and nature.

Second, if we are holders of significant assets, let us prepare our children to manage them well.

Let us show them how to act, how we should use it, for the benefit of ourselves and others.

So, when we are gathered by death, which may arrive sooner or later, we will have handed over to his hands the greatest legacy: that of the example of work and honor.

They will remember us as the ones who hugged and kissed them over and over again every day.

Those who prayed with them, who took them to the temple to receive the lessons of the Gospel of Jesus.

Those who accompanied them during their school homework, questioning them, asking, being interested.

Those, finally, who offered examples of total respect for the family, for any human being.

Those who planted trees and flowers, those who taught them to respect the environment, the social relations.

When they enter the company we bequeathed to them, when they enjoy the material goods we left them, they will remember how we exemplified the love for others, respect for subordinates, laws, principles of honor.

They will become spouses and parents, reflecting our heritage of love, of manhood, true children of God.

Let us work, therefore, the growth of love in us, without fainting in the face of difficulties.

 Certainly, we will leave for this world a heritage that will be remembered and perpetuated for years to come: men of good, men who will make a difference for this home that the Lord God has entrusted to us, for individual enjoyment and growth.

 Spiritist Moment Team
August 13.2021.

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