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Curitiba, 17 de Maio de 2022
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ícone Where are we looking at?

They say we should stay focused on what we do. In these days of so many digital platforms and social medias, it is nice to allow ourselves to leave out once in a while.

We live so connected to cell phones and computers that we, sometimes, forget who is at our side.

We talk to those who are distant, but we forget to look at the ones who are sitting right next to us.

We answer to all of our WhatsApp messages promptly, but we do not even respond to those who are close by and ask us whether we prefer pasta or salad for lunch.

With headphones in our ears, we become oblivious to our surroundings.

We saw people almost being run over as they crossed the street, chatting on their cell phones, not looking at the traffic lights or around.

In the supermarket, we saw a cashier waiting for the costumer to get closer. She had her eyes fixed on her cellphone.

She was so attached to the messages, she did not hear being called more than once.

When finally, whoever was behind, touched her arm, signaling for her to get to the register, she got angry.

We are living the virtual much more than the real. Let us think about it. We use the electronic device for our lives, work and leisure meetings. We love seeing each other and seeing others on the small screen.

Do we look with equal ardor those close by?

A writer said he went to the maternity ward with a friend. Approaching the nursery, he saw a man holding a newborn, with a pose of a proud father.

Relatives watched the happy scene through the glass. The nurse picked up the baby and placed it in the crib closest to the glass, thrilling whoever was there to see it.

Then, a woman invited: Come and see João Pedro here. In the waiting room, there was a big screen where the newborns appeared, in an image taken as soon as the babies arrived at the nursery.

Everyone ran to see the little one on the screen. To see the virtual baby and left the real baby.

The writer said that he looked at the little one and said: Boy, welcome. It is nothing personal. But here in this world, if you are not in the media, you do not exist.

*   *   *

Let us reflect on this. We live in times in which social distance is required of us, for the sake of preserving our own life and that of others.

Technology has helped us to overcome distances, to embrace in a virtual way, to see and see friends, co-workers, through the little windows.

We have used the social medias to express what goes on in our intimacy or inside our homes.

Some even exaggerate, filming and posting everything, as if the whole world needs to know what happens to us.

We are forgetting that some actions are just wonderful for being unique and private.

The first steps of our child are important to us.

More than worrying about filming it in order to post on social media, let us extend our arms and invite him to come to our encounter.

Remember this: the virtual has been important these days. But, it should never replace our manifestations of love, affection, friendship.

A virtual hug is simply virtual. Let us hug whoever is on our side. 

Spiritist Moment Team with descripition of a fact
taken from the article
A arte de respirar sem ajuda de aparelhos,
Marcio Va
ssalo, from Vida Simples magazine, in December 2018,
September 27.2021.

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