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Curitiba, 17 de Maio de 2022
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ícone Our journey

The following statements appear as being by Charles Chaplin:

The six best doctors in the world are the sun light, resting, exercising, diet, self-esteem, friends.

And he recommends: Keep them at all stages of your life and you will enjoy a healthy life...

If you see the moon, you will see the beauty of God.

If you see the sun, you will see the power of God.

If you see the mirror, you will see God´s best creation.

So believe in Him.

We are all tourists, God is our travel agent, who has already traced our routes, reservations and destinations.

Trust Him and enjoy the journey called life.

*   *   *

These are statements of wisdom. We are, indeed, the best creation of God, bearers of His Immortal Essence.

 Created in His image and resemblance, we are perennial.

We are temporarily enclosed in a body, taking a journey. The journey of life, which routes were defined before we board the ship, the boat, the plane that we will use.

The type of vessel has to do with our choice, defining whether we want to go more or less fast, along the journey.

Some of us make the journey painfully, facing continuous setbacks.

Others, we have tickets that guarantee us something similar to a first-class seat, in confortable cabins.

Some of us need to struggle hard to keep up, to get a small house, to shelter ourselves and our loved ones.

Maybe we can get some material goods...

Others, we collect many goods, which guarantee us comfort and the ability to enjoy amenities.

Some of us take advantage of the trip to study, to illustrate ourselves, to learn everything that the years will allow us.

And, in our routes, we include the school, the library, the museum. Just like a tourist visiting a country and wanting to extract the best from it, in cultural and scientific terms. 

Others, we prefer to work less, to rest more.

Each one of us enjoys the journey as we see fit.

However, the port of arrival is the same for everyone. And we will get there, some with an embellished baggage, full of knowledge, of conquered virtues.

Others will arrive with a modest luggage, within what we managed to accumulate during the journey.

Let us strive and improve our standard.

Unfortunately, some of us will arrive with a broken, dented, almost destroyed suitcase, with no real values.

We prefer to enjoy more than to work and to grow.

So, it is important to think about how we are travelling, how we are enjoying our journey.

Are we treating it as simple leisure? Or do we have well-distributed hours for the studies, work, the accomplishment of good things, the construction of sincere affections?

We will receive tickets for the journey, reservations for many routes, but the free-will allows us to go wherever we want.

It is up to each one of us to choose and how we will behave in each location.

We will all arrive at the port of destination. Some after travelling a few kilometers. Others, after coursing miles and miles, which represent our years of life.

The journey is ours. The investment is ours.

Let us think about it.

Spiritist Moment Team, with statements from
Charles Chaplin, presented by the journalist
 Viviane Becker, in
October 18.2021.

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