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Curitiba, 17 de Maio de 2022
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ícone Night flowers

The morning sun, the new day, were always symbols of renewal.

Many writings have already brought the inspiring image of flowers that burst their buds and overflow beauty, at the first rays of light.

However, there are some flowers that only bloom at night.

Nature always surprises us. Some rare specimens reveal their petals only after sunset.

They bloom in the dark and fill the tired streets, gardens and coasts with an intense aroma and enchanting light.

This is because many of them are native of areas where the animals are nocturnal. Thus, they can only be pollinated during that period.

Bats, insects, moths come out at night and, as they wander, carry pollen from one flower to another.

Many desert flowers, for instance, bloom in the dark because, during the day, there are not many pollinating animals.

One of the curiosities of these blooms is their intense perfume. Another way to show themselves present and attract attention, fulfilling their role in this perfect system, which is nature.

*   *   *

Many of us can discover ourselves as night flowers. We will not fit into the patterns of the beautiful roses or daisies that bloom at dawn.

Our beauty is perhaps not that of the lily or the tulip with its multicolored hues.

Maybe we are more like the lady of the night and her petals, in the shape of a chalice, with endings that make them look like stars.

Its intriguing perfume inspires the production of fragrances and is considered by many as the most intense among known plants.

Perhaps we are like the lotus of braham-kamal, flower of the gods, which grows in India, China and on top of the Himalayan mountains. It opens immediately after sunset and only lives one night.

It lives a little, we could say, but it lives well, as its petals are used, in traditional Tibetan medicine, as a means of treating diseases of the urinary and reproductive systems.

Or even the night flower, which grows in Central America. White, with a rich scent, a kind of nocturnal cactus, which blooms for only a few hours and then disappears.

Interestingly, after forty to fifty days, instead of the flower, an exotic fruit, the pitaya, or Dragon fruit, appears.

It was beautiful, fragrant and still borne fruit.

*   *   *

Let us think so many ways we have to be part of nature, to serve Creation.

Some do not have the resourcefulness to be in front of a camera, but we write very well whatever that person who will be there, in evidence, should say.

Some of us do not find it easy to produce artistic works, but we have a refined aesthetic sense, a meticulous vision, seeing things that no one else sees.

Others we create in silence, away from the spotlight. We will serve in anonymity, we will save the world without needing the newspaper headline.

Night flowers, equally beautiful and essential in the gardens of the Universe.

May we do good, like day flowers or night flowers. May we scent the paths of our neighbors, whether with the sun shining or in periods of darkness.

 Spiritist Moment Team
November 12.2021.

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