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Curitiba, 17 de Maio de 2022
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ícone Beautiful Christmas Trees

Maybe you do not think about it, you take it for granted. Or you get lazy just thinking about opening those boxes with Christmas ornaments, every year.

Maybe it is not part of your family´s customs, or even it is not something you consider important to celebrate the holiday season.

It turns out that, for many families, this is still a valuable moment: the celebration of Christmas, a kind of consecration of yet another cycle. But, mostly, a time of union.

Many family customs, which pass from generation to generation, carry lessons full of beauty.

Setting a Christmas tree as a family, for example, distributing ornaments around the house, listening to songs that evoke the birth of Jesus, and all the joy related to such important arrival, brings a real shower of blessings to the home.

It is another form of prayer, another way of proposing to change our thoughts and renew the inner air of our soul, so targeted by pains and worries.

Everyone works together to build something that represents beauty, that cheers and brightens the domestic environment, their own home.

Is it not that exactly what we are gathered in families for? To build something together? Something beautiful that enlightens each other?

The beautiful Christmas trees, those that keep simple ornaments, where we hang memories of children, their arts, the ones that keep gifts from dear friends, are the trees of our lives.

Whoever looks at them ready, showy, cannot imagine what is behind all that.

They cannot imagine the effort, the work, the difficulties, the struggles for it to be raised once again.

The beautiful Christmas trees are love´s victories. They are cities built on the hill - reminding of the unforgettable lesson of the birthday Boy.

*   *   *

May the symbols that evoke the celebrations of this time of year allow us to more easily soothe hearts.

Slow down, admire, breathe, meditate.

Our existence was not made for us to live automatically, almost not noticing the time passing.

Let us not allow ourselves to say: Wow, I did not even see this year go by!

May we educate ourselves to say: I have lived intensely every day. I saw them all pass, or rather I passed them and here I am, happier than yesterday.

It is a change of perspective, of looking. The look of someone who can stay there, standing there for a few minutes, watching the lights flashing on a Christmas tree.

Looking without haste, looking at those who evaluate and those who plan.

The look of someone who does not think about giving up, because they know that the school of life is full of tests and tests are not evil, but educational experiences.

May each one of us be one of those lights that turns on, however small, shy.

Joined by a thread, hand in hand, let us create a unique spectacle, around a tree, around a window, on a roof.

May the light besides us, like ours, motivate us to remain steadfast, lit, whatever happens.

And if we think we are not lighting very well, let us remember: by universal laws the firefly will one day be a star.

Let us think about it.

Spiritist Moment Team.
December 3.2021.


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