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ícone About the poor and the rich

        Most people wish to become rich. Money means privileges, pleasure and power. It is a dream that arrives at almost everyone.

        Those who are poor wish to have a better life. Those who are rich target on becoming a millionaire. And what about the millionaire? Well, millionaires also want more! They want to have billions.

        Those who are ill believe money will give them access to V.I.P. treatment, while those who are healthy dream of trips, and dinners in fancy restaurants.

        Unknown people search richness in order to become celebrities.

        Even idealists, dreamers and saints want money. Some dream about improving the World and others plan on building hospitals and shelters.

        They all believe they will use the resources for funding the general wellbeing.

        There are those who even laugh at the popular axiom that states money does not bring happiness. Stamping an ironic smile on their faces, some will say:

        Money may not bring happiness indeed, but it helps a lot.

        Some aspects in life though, are simply not subject to the influence of money. In fact, money power refers solely to things that can be bought.

        For those subtle things - that belong exclusively to the Divine - money is totally useless. It cannot make rich people’s children prettier, for instance.

        Not even the World’s biggest fortune is able to buy for a mom whose son is gone, some comfort. And as much noble as one may be, who can ever guarantee that she will ever have true love?

        Jesus’ words are wise: Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

        Nature shows us limits: who can live without air? Or without food or water? Who is able to avoid death, aging or suffering no matter how much money he has saved throughout life?

        The limits imposed by God shall serve us as a warning about the equality that rules us. After all, we are all obliged to the same rules of birth, life and death.

        Rich and poor, we are all born dependant, and small. No one has ever seen or heard about a millionaire baby who was already born with teeth or speaking sound and clear.

        Even if the cradle is made of gold, rich children are also obliged to the same limits that reach the poor childhood.

        Thus, we – beggars and millionaires – grow up gazing at the same sun, and having the same moon as our lives silent witness.

        Rain, cold and heat hit us all equally. They do not increase or decrease because of the amount of money we carry.

        Even death will come to us all one day. Some will be lying on noble beds and fancy linens while others will be found poorly dressed and lonely hearted in slums.

        Death, however, will come to us all.

        The coffin’s price and the tomb appearance will then hold nothing but external differences. Inside the tomb, the decomposition law will reach the physical body of the rich and poor equally. 

        A few decades later, if you mix rich and poor skeletons, who will ever be able to tell which bones had more money?

        After the body dies, God will charge us only for the love we give, for the good we spread, for the ethics we carry and for the peace we build.

        And what about the money? Oh, the money will remain in the World’s safes to be used by other temporary administrators.

        Think about it!

Spiritist Moment Team.
April 25 2008.

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