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ícone Abortion

In what moment does the miracle of life occur? In what instant does the Divine blow start animating the body of that new being who will soon live on Earth?

The answer to these questions have always worried human kind. Philosophers, religious people and scientists have tried to answer it. Only religion can offer certainty.

What is most interesting is that these certainties are very similar amongst different religions, which indicates that the various religious traditions around the World have a lot in common.

For example, almost all religions preach that life starts at the moment of conception.

In the moment that the sperm fertilizes the ovum, the most complex and touching process starts: the formation of a new human body.

And the religious people assure that it is in this sublime moment that the Spirit unites with the forming body.

Therefore all religions are also unanimous in condemning abortion. The only exception is when pregnancy is a risk to the mother's life. And this exception is also unanimous in all beliefs.

Well, if it is so, if all religions condemn abortion, why does Humanity insist on it?

What makes parents want to kill their little baby? What drives us to an act that victimizes such a fragile and unprotected being?

The answer: our selfishness. When we find ourselves in a situation that threatens our comfort, we usually protect ourselves through a defensive attitude.

The problem is when our defensive attitude violates somebody else's rights. And this definitely happens during an abortion.

Yes, because a body that already belongs to a human being grows in the silence of the venter. This body will be the home to an immortal Spirit, it will shelter a son of God.

How many times do we, who believe in God, think of that body in formation as a brother of ours? A special being placed in our lives by God's hands?

And how do we receive this new life? What do we do with the Divine gift that comes to our hands? Is it correct to suffocate it when it is still fragile and very small?

No, life calls for protection and support.

In all countries and languages of the World, maternity is worshiped as divine. We cannot, in the name of modernity, corrupt our inherited ethical and moral values. The natural law is of progress. Never of regression.

Nowadays, the speech of many is that a woman must have the power to decide about her own body.

The legalization of abortion is portrayed as a human rights progress because it supposedly will protect poor women from illegal and risky abortions.

These arguments are a misconception based on wrong principles.

First, because the fetus is itself a being. It does not belong to the mother's body.

And one must ask: Whose human rights are we talking about? Human rights are supposed to protect ethical acts, but not to legalize the killing of children.

And if we indeed want to protect poor women from the consequences of an illegal abortion, we should invest in health and education.

These are the real antidotes. Well-informed women will use birth control methods; they will have access to information. They will not have to kill to avoid a gestation.

On the other hand, where is the so called love that we so much wish to feel? The exercise of love recommends us to take care of the weak. What kind of love is this that abandons a blooming life?

Love shelters, blesses and strengthens. It is the maximum expression of brotherhood. Love surely does not kill.

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February 12.2010.

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