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Curitiba, 17 de Junho de 2024
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ícone The action of friendship

Sometimes it is good to stop for a few minutes and think about the action of friendship in our lives.

Friendship is the feeling that joins the souls of some people to others, generating happiness and well-being.

Friendship is a tender expression of human beings who need to interchange the strength of emotion under the motivation of fraternal understanding.

Inspiring courage and self-denial, the friendship blooms the souls, blessing them with endurance for their battles.

In the contemporary world, there is such a lack of friendship!

Selfishness drives people apart and isolates them.

Friendship ties them close together in brotherhood.

Fear strikes souls and makes them unhappy.

Friendship brings peace and cheers persons.

Distrust brings disharmony to lives, but friendship equilibrates minds, sweetening the hearts.

Talking about deep love, the presence of friendship is essential.

It is born from an expression of sympathy and it becomes solid with the roots of safe and sound affection, dug into the earth of souls.

When other emotions get weak with the swing of misunderstandings, friendship lasts, devoted companionship of people who care for each other.

If friendship disappeared from Earth, the spiritual life of mankind would fall apart.

Friendship is sweet and patient, attentive and active.

Careful, it fades away so that the one for whom we feel affection can shine.

It sustains during weak moments, and frees at painful moments.

Friendship is easy to be encouraged.

To cultivate it is the duty of all those who reflect and have aspirations. Therefore, no one is successful having bitterness in ones´ soul or being indifferent to the delight of the flow of friendship.

When, in a couple, sexual impulses fade, friendship remains.

When disillusion wipes away the fire of desire of big romances, if there is still friendship, the bond of the union does not brake.

Jesus' friendship to His disciples as well as for all people, gives us today the dimension of what love is in its most pure dimension, showing that it is the first step to a superior conquest which is the objective of all lives and the biggest commandment of the Divine Law.

                                                  *   *   *

There is a way to cultivate friendship and build understanding. As it happens to the wheat, in the spiritual field of love, it will not be possible to harvest without sowing.

Therefore, examine everyday your affective farming.

Irrigate it with the water of sincerity, of forgiveness, of attention. Never forgetting to season it with love, tenderness and affection.

Imitate the prudent and devoted farmer, and you will harvest big and precious results.


Spiritist  Moment Team, based on chapter 9 from the book Momentos de esperança, by the
Spirit Joanna de Ângelis, psychographed by  Divaldo Pereira Franco, publishing house:
Leal and on chapter 121 from the book Vinha de luz,  by the Spirit Emmanuel, psychographed
by Francisco Cândido Xavier, publishing house: Feb.
July 13.2009.

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