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ícone About the duration of a rainbow

A rainbow which lasts for a quarter of an hour is looked at no longer.

This observation was made by the German philosopher Goethe and represents much ofwhat goes in the human soul in these days.

We, the generation of immediate, practical, instantaneous, end up having difficulty in lasting too long in any experience we have, even that it is a pleasurable one.

Why is it that so many of us have become accustomed with the beauty and, then, we do not contemplate it anymore?

Why is it that many of us are habituateto the good things we have in life that we stop appreciating them?

Some of us do not observe the stars anymore as if, after some time, they lose their grandiosity, their mystery and would no longer be interesting.

Some forget to look at the sunset. After all, it happens every day and perhaps it does not surprise us anymore...

Others do not admire their wife, husband, children, as if these rainbows which we have by our sidelose their colors along the coexistence.

Someeven cease being amazed by their very own existence, after a few years of struggle, forgetting that each day is a new miracle, a new chance, a new arc-heavenly multicolored.

We are so focused on work and practical issues of daily life that we have learned to be, we end up becoming great wandered people.

Yes, wandered meaning forgotten, little attentiveas regards the most important issues of existence.

Therefore, in some moments in life we have to stop everything. Stop thinking about so many things at the same time.

The techniques of meditation teach us this valuable habit: clear the mind. Think of one thing at a time. Think of something for a long time, without letting the mind jumping from branch to branch.

We need to learn to observe each rainbow to the end, savoring those moments of wondrous beauty, without letting them pass, thus, running, or as fast, as we popularly say.

The rush is not only an enemy of perfection but also of joy, of delight and of real emotions.

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Stop and observe.

Stop and observe something simple but fascinating such as the arrangement of branchesin a large tree. Imagine how many beings have their dwelling there, hidden, but alive and active in the ecosystem.

Stop and observe a portion of any water: a small lake, a pond or even the water in a glass.

Understand the behavior of it when a vibration is created. Notice the shape of the waves.

Place the tip of one finger and feel the temperature, the form which it surrounds you.

Stop and observe a sleeping child. Accompany the calm breathing, the peace of its expression, the beauty of the lines...

Stop and observe the life, the days, the people. Stop and observe the love, wherever you are.

Our souls calms down, gains forces and gets closer to the Creator, without effort, without tension.

Stop and observe...


Spiritist Moment Team.
July 31.2012.

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