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ícone Actions and words

What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.

The thought of the American philosopher and writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, needs our attention.

Actions speakmuch more ofus than our words.

Our words are articulated by convenience, by conventions and can be very well hidden by virtue of our will, that is, not always say the truth.

Actions show what is in our soul, our character, and our values.

It is very easy to speak. Much more difficult to act.

Francis of Assisi, a missionary who redeemed the essence of the message of Christ on Earth, in one of His sermons, said:

The peace proclaimed by you with words must dwell more abundant in your hearts.

This means that we need to experience something so that our words and opinions have weight. It is called moral authority.

It is valid in the education of children, for instance.

They need to identify, in their parents, the same behavior that they are demandingof them.

In case they do not find this reference, they will hardly follow any educational recommendation.

Children might even obey, but by fear, by power descent, at that moment.

This kind of descent, however, does not last. As soon as they untanglefrom parents or develop greater independence, they will repeat the same attitudes of an equivocated yesterday.

In short: they did not learn. They simply met a recommendation, for determined time.

That is why we often hear about the power of the example.

Children copy their parents in many aspects. They imitate their actions, their way of dealing with this or that in life. Their advices will only be heard if they realize the power of their moral authority basing their speech.

The wisdom of someone is not measured by how much she or he knows, but by the quality of their actions.

Thus we see, in the world, great voices, of impeccablerhetoric, but whose actions, daily, are not consistent with their sharpwords.

They rise up the public galleries of the world, singing for equality, justice, the defense of the people, while in their hearts there is only the search for satisfaction of their vanity and selfishness, taking advantage of everything and everyone.

And many consciences of today are so sick andobscuredthey do not even feel any sort of remorse, guilt or responsibility.

They will arouse later, possibly with the pain, with the force of the cause and effect law, putting everything back on the rails of the derailed soul.

Thus, let us look after our words and our actions.

The things we do speak much louder than the things we say.

Let us remember the thought of the philosopher:

What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.


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October 8.2013.

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