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ícone A child’s day

The tooth fell out! The tooth fell out!

It was like that during the whole way. The child, on the back seat from where we were, in the urban bus, was singing throughout the way.

Repeated the sentence and every time in a higher or lower tune from the one before.

We imagined that she should have lost the baby tooth and that constituted something unusual. Maybe the parents had promised something, like sometimes occurs. Maybe the family had celebrated the fact, by attesting that she was growing up, in the natural process of replacing the first dentition.

It was because it was, we imagined that for the child everything is extremely important. It seems that when we become adults, we lose this capacity of giving importance to small things.

As adults, we complain when the rain falls and we need to go out for work, for the tasks of everyday life.

The child goes out with us and go looking for every possible puddle to stomp, loving to see the water splashing. It does not matter if the splash will make the clothes wet, will make pants bar dirty. The important thing is to have fun, to the point of singing, announcing: I'm going to jump on this one. And on this one too.

Adults we go out to the street and our thoughts precede us. We go thinking about what we need to do, what we have to say, in what we need to provide.

Child on the way to school goes looking at everything, every detail and what we listen the most is: Look, mom! Father, look there!

How much we miss forgetting to observe details of our surroundings. We do not see the flower that blossomed, the hummingbird that dances among the flowerbeds, the disinterested walk of the thrush in the alleys…

We do not even realize that the street became happier because the neighbor provided a new color to the house. And another, ahead, artistically pruned the bushes.

We are worried about the bills to pay, with the bank balance, with the shopping to do, with the suppliers that do not meet our demand.

The child wants to know how many stones will find throughout the way to kick, if she will be able to kick it further each one of them…

Carefree lives. Childhood lives. Period of resting for the Spirit, teach the luminaries of Spirituality.

Truth: we adults have many commitments, many duties.

But, now and then, it would be healthy to remember that we were child one day and remembered the many little big things that made our happiness.

And reprise some of them, enriching ourselves with the gold of a sunny day, the silver light of the moon, the exuberant shine of the stars.

Remember to amaze ourselves with a clear moonlit night, a hot summer night, the tiny grains of sand from the beach.

Stop ourselves to listen to the roar of the sea, the sound of the thunder and the sweet tweet of the little birds on a tree in front of our house.

Small things. Big things. Things that make a big difference between a dull day, boring at all and a day full of color, sound and joy.  

A day of monotony. Or a day of pleasurable work, of friendly contacts, of intense living.

Let us allow ourselves to live again, sometimes, the joys of a relaxed and carefree childhood.

For sure, we will want to repeat and repeat.

And we will feel rejuvenated, infinitely grateful to God for our life.

Spiritist Moment Team.
June 15.2015.

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