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Curitiba, 17 de Junho de 2024
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ícone The addresses of the Father

Have you ever surprised yourself looking at the sky at night and being enchanted with the stars? Did you ever stop to think why there are so many bright dots in space?

Ancient people, intrigued by the beauty and brilliance of theses Suns, have created legends. They said the stars were droplets of sweat of the great Creator.

After performing the labor of Creation, He passed His hand on His forehead, removed the sweat and spread it into space.

In the belief that the Earth was covered by a closed canopy, many speculated that the highlights were little holes in the sky, by where the light passed. Just like a stretched fabric, placed against the sun.

Today, we know the stars are Suns and they are not placed in the firmament for our exclusive treat.

They claim that two thousand and five hundred of them can be seen with the naked eye. And there must have a serious, rational purpose for their existence. Why would God create something unproductive?

Beyond the stars, there are disseminated in space worlds and systems.

Earth is far to be a planet of the most important in the universal economy.

Our sun is a star of fifth magnitude. There are many Suns more powerful than ours.

So, there are so many that, if we consider two planets for each of them, we can count two hundred billion in our galaxy.

At the concert of probability, if only one percent of them have the same conditions and ages of Earth, we will have two billion planets with the same conditions of the one we live in.

It is to ask yourself - Why aren't they inhabited?

Considering that there are planets much older than Earth, we can mull over more advanced worlds. Owners of more knowledge, more achievements.

Asserting that intelligent life is not unique heritage of our little planet is not extraordinary, nor reckless.

It does not disgusts intelligence, nor even culture. The plurality of inhabited worlds was taught by Jesus: the many homes of the father. Otherwise - He said - I would have told you.

Contemplating these bright nests in the sky, the soul dreams of evolution and is filled with hope.

How many of them will we meet one day? Homes in which we live. Homes where we will live. Oceans of knowledge and art, for now, impenetrable.

The doctrine of plurality of the inhabited worlds is fraternity.

You understand better the Divine Wisdom, understand how the immense Humanity is scattered in many worlds. Think on universal brotherhood.

Did you know?

Did you know that, if we rode a vehicle which moved with the speed of light, which left Earth to reach the edge of our galaxy, we would spend the bagatelle of fifty thousand light years?

And do not forget: the speed of light is three hundred thousand kilometers per second.

Have you imagined what huge Universe we have to meet and go?

How many lives will take us to enter better worlds? It does not matter.

One day, these bright addresses of the Father will be our homes, as today our Earth receives and sustains us.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on chapter 2, from the book
No limiar do Infinito, by Joanna de Angelis, psychographic by
Divaldo Pereira Franco, publishing house LEAL.
September 29.2015.

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