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Curitiba, 18 de Junho de 2024
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ícone Above all, Father

Science allows us to penetrate the depths of the infinite. We cast our gaze into space and, immediately, the hundreds of bright spots we see, enchant us.

However, thanks to powerful telescopes, we have discovered thousands of worlds, casting their splendid harmonies in the celestial fields of immensity.

Before these horizons, open to human inquiry, in wonder, we conceive the Creator of all things, so above us that only an effort of reason can make us understand Him.

Order, grandeur, majesty reign everywhere. Everything demonstrates the goodness, the justice of Him whom all splendors are but a pale reflection.

And, if we cast our gaze to the very globe in which we move, we will see the moving picture of the life of the Universe, in which God reveals Himself.

The seasons follow their course, the bodies combine, life circulates on the planet, jointing and disaggregating the molecules, according to the laws that are wonderfully fulfilled.

In nature everything is harmony. Everything vibrates, in harmonic chords, under conditions determined by an Intelligence.

Supreme Intelligence, an efficient force.

It is God who hovereth above the Creation, who envelops it with His fluids, who penetrates it by His reason.

It is through Him that the universes are formed, that the celestial masses show their gorgeous splendor, in the immensities of the infinite.

It is through Him that the planets gravitate in the spaces, around the luminous foci, forming bright sun halos.

It is God the eternal life, immense, indefinable, the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega.

It is He who, in the abyss of times, wanted the Universe to exist and the cosmic dust to come into moving.

It is by His will that the admirable laws of matter develop in the infinite the wonderful combinations that they produce when they exist.

It is His boundless reason that commanded everything to be done in view of an intelligent effect.

It is His justice that has drawn in indelible characters the laws of brotherhood and solidarity that are felt among men and the worlds.

It is His ineffable goodness that has given men, incessantly, the means to achieve happiness.

*    *    *

God! There are still those who claim to deny His existence. There are still those who think that chance could have done everything that exists, in such a perfect and fair way.

However, He is in everything and in everyone. Even if they claim that He does not exist, His action becomes constant and precise.

Above and beyond all, He dispenses His love without ceasing.

He waters the plants with gentle rain, feeds the springs and rivers, provides the generous dew.

He tempers the water of the seas, caress the waves and raise them, with majesty, making them howl on the rocks and sing softly on the beaches.

He attends to the simple flower of the field, shakes the branches of the willow and velvets the petals of the roses.

Every day. Each day. And, He wipes the tears of His childrens, sends generous hands to support them in the journey, does not forget anyone.

If He is the Creator of everything, He is also the loving and good Father, ever present.

Let us think about it.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on
Discurso sobre Deus, by Gabriel Delanne,
from the book
Gabriel Delanne, vida e obra, from
Paul Bodier and Henri Regnault, publisher CELD.
August 30.2018.

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