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Curitiba, 18 de Junho de 2024
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ícone Fall in love

Whenever a new day dawns and our senses seek to capture the beauties that surround us, we want to open the windows of the soul and strongly inhale the fresh breeze that plays with the green leaves.

Whenever a new year presents itself, we make plans for new achievements.

However, many have not opened their physical eyes to greet the year that begins or ends, nor to contemplate today´s dawn or say goodbye to the sun, when twilight adorns the night with its black mantle embroidered with stars...

But you are alive!

And when many do not even notice the flowerbeds where the butterflies dance and the lawn stretches out, spread out like a soft green carpet, inviting to play...  

And while others rush off to their daily activities, without noticing that today is our best moment, a poet stopped to write this beautiful piece of advice in the form of a poem:

Fall in love with the mystery that surrounds us, the air you breathe, the trees and the stars.

Look carefully at the flowers. Vision is an action of the brain rather than the eyes.

Listen to the winds in the leaves, the singing of birds, the chat of children.

Listening is an art that depends more on the mind than on the ear. Eyes and ears are fantastic channels that carry messages to you; they will be useless if the will to see and hear does not dwell in your soul.

Fall in love with your ability to self-transform for better. You are a bit of God in the exact extent that you can, by your own will and determination, building a better person.

The path to perfection is endless, but each step on this road is a crystal clear source of pure happiness.

No one is so miserable that they cannot take a first step in the right direction, just as no one is so perfect that they no longer need to walk.

Fall in love with knowledge, devour books, reason, talk to intelligent people, listen to good music, look carefully at pieces of art.

Artists, philosophers, poets, scientists see, listen and feel more than most the men, and it is important to learn from them.

Ask, discuss, discover, debate, experiment.

Give your best effort in everything you do. Help other people and your community and you will find out the true meaning of the words "it is in giving that we receive".

You will be paid in Divine currency, you will receive in dignity, sensitivity, greatness of Spirit and self-love.

Work with your brain and hands. Male the world a better place to live.

Do not pollute, protect nature, fix your sidewalk, plant flowers in your home and on your street.

Always remember that every attitude you take, every move you make, will always be towards good or evil. Yours, your peers or your world.

Fall in love with progress, with its capacity to transform itself and the world.

Fall in love with a person who is yet to be born.

A person capable of asking questions, like Aristotle or Plato, capable of listening, like Vivaldi or Verdi, capable of seeing nature, like Van Gogh or Renoir and so many others, capable of using their hands with the skill of a Rodin or a Michelangelo.

Fall in love with the task of being your own accoucheur, with the mission of giving birth of your own free will.

Fall in love with you tomorrow.

But do it, while it is today...

Spiritist Moment Team, based on an article
by Oriovisto Guimaraes, published in
Jornal Gazeta do Povo, in January 6th, 2015
March 8.2023.

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