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ícone The Perfect Educator

How do we become educators?

Parents, teachers, studied people, all of them need improvement.

The theories and proposals multiply. Some methods of teaching suggest a kind of approach, others affirm that theirs are the more suitable.

It is very important that we reflect about it nowadays and the most important is to approach the full education, not the one that is only intellectual.

We are moral beings then the educator needs to consider the learning person on his essence.

It emerges, thus, the figure of the Incomparable Master, the great Pedagogue of Humanity.

Jesus has owns all of the qualities of the perfect educator. The pedagogy resources which He uses to conduct the learning person, with delighted and deep joy, the essential truth of His teachings.  

That is why He was able to shake and awaken the sleeping conscience of His own people, choked under the excessive weight of the mosaic law and the imperialist politics of that time.

His teachings are always adapted to the listeners. On the proper occasions, He pronounces them in an understandable way for everyone. He often resorts to images and parables, making His ideas more tangible. 

The Master´s pedagogy is also gradual. Never fall into rashness that can the learning fail. He sows and waits for the seeds germinate and give fruit: I still have much to say to you, but you cannot bear it now.  

But when that Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you into all truth.

He will glorify me, because he will take what is mine, and you will announce it.

As a Genius Educator, Jesus many times resorts the art of questioning, exposing, teasing the interest of the disciples. His colloquia always takes place in an environment of incomparable sympathy.

He is dignified, severe, patient, depending on the circumstances and the interlocutor.

His teachings are clear and intuitive. He creates literary figures and seeks examples from everyday life to clarify His thoughts. He improved the form of the parable and coated it with incomparable splendor.

His teachings have a touch of authority: I am the path, the truth and the life.

However, He gently exercises that authority.

He answers with kindness to contradictors of good faith and with energy to those who want to fight Him of.

Jesus is the Model and Guide in every part of life and in all times.

Let us study the Master, with no fanaticism or exaggerated idolatry, which distance us from Him more than bring us closer.

Let us study His conduct, His way of being with everyone.

Let us strive ourselves to imitate Him, so that our actions find support in His.

He is the safe Guide, immaculate. His lessons are timeless and do not depend on culture, beliefs or time.

Let us be better educators trusting the greatest of all, the Pedagogy of the pedagogies.

This Perfect Educator submitted Himself to being with hostile, reluctant and immature learners because He loved them so much and saw their potential lights. He never gave up, never stopped teaching us.

May this be the greatest direction for all of us who have the honorable mission of educating on the face of the Earth.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on chapter 2, from book Historia
Geral da Pedagogia, by Francisco Arroyo, Publisher Mestre Jou
and transcription from the Gospel of John, chapter16, verses 12 to 14.
May 3.2023.

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