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ícone Listening times

It was in 1984 that scientists noticed unusual sounds near the dolphins and white whales tank.

They seemed to be from a distant conversation between two people, although it was not possible to understand what they were saying.

Days later, they were more surprised when a diver emerged from the tank and asked her colleagues who had given the order for her to come out.

An acoustic analysis determined that the sounds were coming from a surprising source: a whale named Noc.

The sounds were recorded by the National Marine Mammal Foundation in San Diego, California.

Voice-like or human imitation, it does not matter. What we do know for sure is that animals have their own unique way of communication.

Anyone who hears the singing of birds can struggle to understand what they say to each other.

A friend, who has a leafy tree, right in front of her house, says that she is used to enjoying the noise of the parakeets, at the end of the day.

I always imagine, she says, that they argue over who will be on which branch when the night approaches.

Or are they narrating to each other everything that happened to them during the day?

At that time, I think they offer us a great life lesson. We should be like them, coming home and wishing to hear from each other what happened that day.

How was the work, the study. How was the traffic.

Small silly things but that bring us closer. Hearing the kids tell about the soccer game, how they got the best grade in the class on the essay.

Or they did not do very well on the math test. How they shared their snacks with their little friend who watched as they began to unwrap their delicious food.

Yes, animals, even when they communicate with each other, can teach us lessons.

For example, the lesson of knowing how to listen. I watch my dog, always attentive to the barking of canines in the neighborhood.

According to what he hears, he gets agitated, responds by barking too. I notice: the friends at the beginning of the street are warning that a strange person has passed in front of their house.

And he stays alert, ready, at the gate.

However, sometimes he just listens. He stays there, quiet, listening and listening.

It must be banal things that those barks translate.

In these moments, I realize that it would be very good if, among us, humans, we learned to listen.

In general, we are very impatient with speeches that we believe are silly, meaningless.

However, what may seem simple nonsense to us is the speech of a lonely person, who wants to share with someone what he has observed, what he has just experienced.

It would be nice for us to listen more, to try to understand, above all, what the person wants to communicate.

After all, the Divinity, when elaborating the perfection of the human body, arranged for us to have two ears, one on each side of the head.

Precisely to hear the good and the bad, the pleasant and uncomfortable, the voice of those we love or, simply, the voice of those who just wait to be heard by someone who smiles at him.

Let us think about it. Tough times in the world. Listening times.

Spiritist Moment Team
June 7.2023.

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