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Curitiba, 17 de Junho de 2024
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ícone I needed...

I needed to breathe. The smoke from chimney of all sizes suffocated me. It came from all parts and in the most varied forms.

I sought to renew the air with stronger winds, so that they could promote the cleanliness of the atmosphere. In vain.

I promoted storms, hoping that they would sweep away, once and for all, the black clouds that were constantly rising. The sky remained clear for just a few seconds. Afterwards, everything went back to the way it was before.

I tried to stop the rage of the ambitious, unleashing squall, in order to uproot trees and plants, as if to say: I am tired! Can you diminish exploring me, for a lapse of time, at least?

My entrails were pierced every day, in search of the treasures that I nestled in my intimacy. Nothing against it, as long as everything was adequate, carried out in a rational, orderly way, preserving the surroundings.  

While they thought about extracting the precious minerals, they destroyed me and did not even care about the tragedies they promoted for themselves, for their brothers.

I could no longer bear the weight of the waters of rivers, oceans, and seas, drenched in all imaginable pollutants. Some were thrown deliberately, others because of disasters resulting from neglect or imprudence.  

I watched the continuous spectacle of depredation of the inhabitants of the waters, the woods, the air. Some are heading towards extinction at an accelerated rate.

I needed to stop. I am not sure what happened, and I certainly was not aiming to hurt anyone. But I needed to stop. It was either that or soon, the most precious species of all would be annihilated.

A pandemic spread across my entire length, with the speed of lightning, foreshadowing an intense storm, demanding everything to stop.

Humanity needed to protect itself. And the best protection was confinement. Isolation became essential.

In just a few days, almost miraculously, I was able to breathe again. The smoke thinned, almost disappeared. The chimneys stopped being so powerful.

Traffic was reduced. The pollutants stopped infesting the air, the water, the soil. Everyone needed to look at themselves and discover that what the had most valuable needed to be preserved: life.

Their life, the life of their fellow man. More important than metal, life. More important than doubling monetary values, life.

In any way did I intend to and I was not even the cause of the pandemic that took place. However, it allowed me to recover from some wounds.

*   *   *

My great hope is that man, this special being that walks on me, rethinks his way of life.

May he remember that he transits, temporarily, over me. That his essence is immortal, and it is in for that immortality that he must work.

Worship progresses, without attacking me. Develop technology, in order to improve methods of healthy coexistence among all.

Rethink attitudes. Restore moods. Live in fullness.

I, Earth, ardently desire this.

Spiritist Moment Team.
September 1º.2023.

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