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Curitiba, 17 de Junho de 2024
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ícone How big is this love?

Who can measure a mother´s love?

Sometimes, some less emotive people believe that such feeling is too exalted. After all, it is not that big.

However, every day, facts prove that it is bigger than we can imagine or understand.

Some wise man highlighted: There are no arguments against facts.

During the earthquake, which affected Turkish, in 2023, many scenes testified the greatness of mother´s love. And its reach.

In these disasters, the abnegated work of search and rescue teams is to be praised. These are men and women who seem not to get tired until all possibilities of rescuing a life have been exhausted.

One of these teams, five days after the first tremor, were abandoning one the sites where a building had previously stood.

They had not detected any signs of life. So, they allowed the tractors to move the concrete, cleaning up the area.  

Once the task began, a woman, shouting loud, appeared, saying that the tractor should not move forward.

She pleaded, so vehemently, saying that her two children were buried there and still alive, that the rescuers were called to move the stones, carefully, with their own hands.

After some time, they found two children. Scared, but alive.

To calm them down, as soon as one of the rescuers managed, she told them not to worry, to not be afraid.

Their mother was just ahead, waiting for them.

Then, one of the little ones said: Our mom died, mam. It´s been four years.

*   *   *

Perhaps someone will say that the tractor driver suffered a hallucination due to the exhaustion of so many tiring hours of searching.

What a wonderful process of this hallucination was! Seeing a mother who has already left Earth indicating, precisely, where her beloved children are.

The heart tells us that immortality is a truth, increasingly being proven and evidenced.

The heart tells us mothers, even when on the other side of life, continue to love and protect their children.  

A mother´s love, sublime, selfless.

How big is this love?

Who among us can measure it?

Only those who have lived it, felt it, can say something about it.

Only those who have received the affection of a woman, biological mother or mother of the heart, can be moved by this fact we narrate and thank God for having created mothers.

These strong, courageous women, who would do everything for those they love, even if they did not give birth to them.

She becomes a mother from the moment she hugs them to her chest.

As long as there are women mothers on Earth, the child will have a lap to snuggle; the teenager will have ears that hears the pain they feel.

The adult will know that there will always be a place to go back.

The felon will have a heart that visits and forgives them.

The desperate will have a voice that encourages them to move forward.

The sick will have two arms that caress, hoping that the pain will ease and the illness will go away.

A mother´s love is immeasurable.

She is an angel in the form of a woman, walking through Earth, comforting, sustaining and supporting the children of the Lord of life.

Blessed women mothers.  

Spiritist Moment Team.
September 29.2023.

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