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Curitiba, 17 de Junho de 2024
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ícone Choosing happiness

Have we ever stopped to think that being happy may have more to do with a decision than with a set of circumstances and expected events?

At first, it may seem naive to talk about happiness in such a world, right?

The ones who think tis way, are starting from a pinciple contaminated by one main idea: that happiness depends on factors external to us.

It is a common concept, built by a materialistic view of life, over time.

It is fragile and dangerous to place happiness depending on factors that are, mostly, beyond our control: wealth, physical beauty, power, success.

What if we imagined the decision to be happy as a lens that we put in front of our eyes?

That´s right, a different way of seeing the same things, of dealing with the same everyday matters.

In this way, we remove much of what is external and move it to the internal, because it is each person who decides how to see things, what their meaning, their value is, individually.

But what if our internal values are contaminated? If our lens distorts things?

Let us first consider that each lens is unique. Let us never expect equality.

Secondly, there is the development of a spiritual vision of life, which, in many ways, makes our lens clearer, more sensible and more mature.

Growing intellectually, especially in moral virtues, carves wise lens in the soul.

With this, we will realize that we have started to choose a peaceful, happier life.

The choice does not exempt us, in any way, from setbacks, suffering and difficult trials. However, the way we deal with all of these will be different.

Difficulties become challenges. Misfortunes become precious lessons. Illnesses are processes of freedom.

The small beauties of the days, the wonders of the perfect Universe, the balance of the greatest laws, begin to be felt more frequently.

There is the modified lens, the proposal to be happy.

When, on the earthly journey, we only see suffering, only defeat, we need direct help.

Pathologies increasingly show that some lenses distort reality in such a significant way that we cannot solve them alone.  

There is no shame in asking for help. On the contrary, it is a sign of wisdom, awareness, awakening.

*   *   *

Life is a blessing and must be kept healthy, joyful, happy, promising, even under the liberating injunction of trials and expiations.

Let us make our lives pleasant, doing our best, loving ourselves, our neighbors and God, so that we will never lack reasons to be happy.

And every time discouragement knocks at our door, let us remember the decision to be happy, a decision made every morning.

Decision of our life, when, before reaching this incarnation, from the windows of the spiritual world we said:

I will be happy, I will continue building my interior happiness, taking care of everyone´s good, in another blessed immersion, on this dear planet, which welcomes me with open arms.

Spiritist Moment Team
November 13.2023

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