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Curitiba, 15 de Julho de 2024
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ícone In a house under renovation

In a house under renovation, anyone who remains standing in the middle of the room tends to be in the way.

If, one day, we get through the renovation process in our house, we certainly understand the expression well.

The ambience experiences a state of temporary chaos, everything out of place, dirt, strange people, often wandering around the intimate rooms of our sacred home.

We suffer, but we tolerate it, because it is a renovation, something to improve, something that will bring a better result soon.

We end up putting up with it, but always with a little complaint here, a criticism there.

Some of us get terrified. We go out of our pace, out of our routine, as if this were the worst event in the world, forgetting that it is an improvement, a refinement, sometimes a repair.

Well... We live in several houses that are undergoing renovation.

The first one is the intimate home. The soul is a house under renovation. The current incarnations are incarnations of adjustments, transformations, remodeling.

We repair leaks, the paint that peels off over time, at the same time we are expanding our home, building new rooms, making them more comfortable and better.

We develop virtues and work on our vices - therein lies the intimate renovation of everyday life.

The second house under renovation is our family.

Houses in reorganization that come together for many reasons, the family is a living organism in constant revolution and restructuring.

Let us not expect to live in a home without conflicts, without challenges, without frustrations. The family is a house under renovation.

A lot of dust in the air, a lot of furniture out of place, a lot of people talking at the same time without understanding each other, in different situations.  

However, this is part of its proposal, let us remember that. The sooner the adjustments are made, the sooner we resolve the issues, the sooner we will have the house ready, as we would like.

 Finally, planet Earth is a great house under renovation.

We should not be surprised. Intimate homes undergoing restructuring, within families and societies undergoing readjustment, result in a huge renovation.

It is worth a warning, a fundamental observation, which we brought in our first sentence:

In a house under renovation, anyone who remains standing still in the middle of the room tends to be in the way.

We know very well how it bothers having someone there, in the middle of the chaos, simply standing still, doing nothing. We can even say that it delays the work of others and the renovation of their own home.

This figurative language reminds us that we are hindering the process of renovating our own house!

It seems strange, but it is more common than we think.

Thus, ours is an invitation to action, proactive. The more we help, the sooner it ends, the sooner we will be able to enjoy the benefits of a better home.

This applies to intimate renovation, to that of the family and that of the planet.

Let us think about this the next time we are standing still in the middle of the room, while so many are working for good, for improvement in buildings, for the necessary and urgent achievements on the planet.

The house is also ours. Get to work!

Spiritist Moment Team.
February 10.2024.

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