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Curitiba, 30 de Maio de 2024
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ícone The good that is within our reach

Certainly, we have already heard the rule of conduct: Do not do to others what we would not like others to do to us.

Many of us read this recommendation and say that try not to harm anyone, at least not intentionally.

However, there is one detail that deserves our appreciation.

The advice given by Jesus, reported by the Evangelist Mathew is the following:

So, whatever you may want men to do to you, so do you to them, for this is the law and the prophets.

There is a subtlety of great importance. Let us see that Jesus´ proposal is positive, it calls for action: Do it for them.

Naturally, not doing anything to others would be implicit in the idea, but it was not what the Master wanted to emphasize.

He knew the intimacy of the human soul.

We are beings of expectations. We are beings still taken by selfishness, that means, we make choices thinking about our own good, even if it means harm to others.

Knowing this, the Great Educator proposes that we do to others exactly what we want them to do to us.

The verb is to do. Invokes an action on good.

While not doing things to others can lead us to a certain accomodation and in consequence selfish behavior, the Master´s proposal is dynamic, imperative and urgent.

There is no doubt that there is a certain moral advancement when we avoid committing major evils. However, have we done all the good that is within our power?

Doing nothing when we can is a result of our imperfection. In a way this is still some kind of evil.

There is no one who cannot do good. Only the selfish never finds the opportunity to practice it.

It is enough for us to be in relationship with other men to have opportunity to do good.

Every day on Earth offers this possibility if we are not blinded by selfishness.

To do good is to be useful, as far as possible, whenever help is necessary.

Are we always willing to do good?

Can we position ourselves as an instrument of good on Earth?

Are we those who work in favor of life, society, the common good?

Those who do not work, demands work, once said Chico Xavier, a model of willingness to do good.

He was one of these unforgettable examples of total dedication to others, of doing whatever was within his power and even more.

Without material resources, with poor health and under the voices of disbelief, he became great.

Great because he thought of his neighbor and went towards him, providing material assistance. And most importantly, comfort.

What about us? Have we done all the good that is within our power?

Have we observed around us how much there is to be done, how much we can collaborate, how useful we can be?

There is no shortage of occasions. There is no shortage of people in need, from the interior of our homes to the abandoned areas of our own cities.

We can become an agent of good on the face of Earth.

Just look around and find out. Something small, something big. An action. Something that will make someone´s life better and make the world better.

Spiritist Moment Team.
April 5.2024.

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