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Curitiba, 30 de Maio de 2024
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ícone God´s treats

Have we ever realized how, for a large part of the day, or even most of them, we walk around with the mask of concerns strapped to our face?

Anyone who sees us every day, might even think that we are unhappy.

Unhappy because we need to work a lot, because we have a lot of bills to pay, because our children ask for more than we can give, because we do not feel fulfilled professionally, because we did not pass in the exam for which we studied so hard.

Unhappy because the relationship did not work out, because Christmas is around the corner, and we are not in a good place with our family and we do not know how or where we will spend these days when the whole world celebrates, smiles, plays around, exchanging presents.

In fact, there are many of us who carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and are bending towards the ground.

However, we should exercise in God´s Academy, lifting our faces.

If we did this, we could notice the rose bushes blooming in our neighbor´s garden, some little birds just out of the nest, trying their first flights, among the bushes.

We could notice that the sun shines and feel the caress of its heat on our face. Simply feel.

Offering treats, without a set date, without looking at the calendar is typical of those who love. And no one loves us more than God, our Father.

A Father so loving that, in the stone jungle, a tiny flower sprouts from the tiny hole in the aged wall. Alone, but so lush.

For everyone who passes by, it fills with color and shows off.

On the square´s lawn, the fallen Ipe petals create beautiful aquarelle.

When we walk along the avenue of leafy trees, a gentle breeze shakes the branches and pours small leaves as we pass.

Are we such important person that a shower of natural confetti is provided to greet us?

Yes, we are very special. Sons of the Owner of the Universe. Children created in the light and blessed every day with the gift of life, with the caress of the wind, the din of the storm, the artistic composition of the clouds, the immense blue sky and a night of stars.

All of this is there, around us. We only remain sad because we do not look longer, we do not lift our face, we do not allow ourselves to see the beauty that surrounds us.

Yes, we are in a world where, as Jesus asserted, we will have afflictions.   

However, not just afflictions. To ease the heat, Gods provides us a light breeze.

To soothe the pain of our soul, He offers us many treats.

Exactly like someone who loves, He does it, whenever his heart determines.

There are so many treats, and constant, that we forget to be grateful, we forget that He exists and loves us.

When we think about it, when we begin to enjoy so many pleasures every day, we will feel that our pains will become less intense, our burdens less heavy.

Let us enjoy God´s gifts, right now, thanking the gift of hearing, which allows us to hear this message.

The gift of vision that allows us to see the wonders of the heavens and the Earth.

The gift of life. Treats from God. Let us be grateful.

  Spiritist Moment Team.
April 24.2024.

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