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Curitiba, 30 de Maio de 2024
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ícone The train of life

On a train journey we can notice a wide variety of situations along the way.

Our earthly existence can be compared to one of these journeys, more or less long.

First of all, because it is full of arrivals and departures, some accidents, pleasant surprises in some arrivals and great sadness in some departures.

When we are born, we get on the train and come across some people who we wish to be with us always: they are our parents.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. At some point they will get off and leave us orphaned of their irreplaceable affection, friendship, and company...

But that does not stop other special people from boarding the trip with us: they are our siblings, friends, loves.

Some people make this trip a joyride. Others will only find sadness, and some will walk around the train, ready to help anyone in need.

Many disembark and are forever missed... Others pass by in such a way that, when they leave their seat, no one notices.

It is interesting to find that some passengers, who are important to us, accommodate themselves in wagons far from ours, which does not prevent us from getting close to them and hugging them during the journey, although we can never travel together, because there will be someone else next to them occupying that seat.

But that does not matter, because the journey is full of obstacles, dreams, fantasies, waiting, goodbyes...

The important thing is that we make our journey in the best possible way, trying to get along well with the other passengers, seeing the best in each of them.

We must remember that, at some point along the way, they may weaken and, probably we need to understand them, because we will also weaken many times and, certainly, there will be someone who understands and assists us.

The big difference, after all, is that on the train of life we will never know which stop we will have to get off at, much less at which station our loved ones will disembark, not even the one sitting next to us.

It is possible that when we have to disembark, homesickness will come to keep us company...

Because it is not easy to separate ourselves from friends, nor to let our children travel alone. It will definitely be sad.

However, somewhere there is a main station we all head towards...

And when the time, to get together again, comes, we will feel great emotion in being able to hug our loves and end the longing that kept us company for so long...

May our brief journey be a great opportunity to learn and teach, to understand and serve those who travel alongside us, because it was not chance that placed them there.

May we learn to love and serve, understand and forgive, because we do not know how much time we have left until the station where we have to leave the train.

* * *

If our journey is not going exactly the way we want, we give it a new direction.

If it is true that we cannot change wagons, we can change the situation of our wagon.

Let us see the wonderful landscape with which God decorated the entire journey...

Let us find out a way to make the hours useful. Let us worry about those who are traveling alongside us...

Let us stop giving importance to complaints and do something so that our road is marked with trails of light...

Let us think about it... And, have a safe trip!

 Spiritist Moment Team, based on
a text by Silvana Duboc,
available on the author's website and social networks.
May 2.2024

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